Living Life on the Go: Top Travel Tech for Sales Reps

by Sales Published on: 15 March 2017 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

If you’re in sales, there’s a good chance that you travel for a living. Maybe you just have to travel to a few cities in your state, or maybe you have to travel halfway around the world. Either way, you could probably use a little help to make those travels easier.

The good news is that there are tons of helpful apps out there that can make getting to and from your decisions easier than ever, and help you once you arrive as well. There’s really no limit to the types of apps you can find that are dedicated for travelers, but here are a few great ones that you should check out next time you’re ready to hit the road.

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If you are responsible for booking flights yourself, you want to have a great app that will help you find the cheapest flights you can. Not only can this app make it easier to find cheap flights, but it may also win you some extra points with accounting!

Hopper works by constantly scanning the internet for cheap flights that are on or around the days you need to travel. It will recommend the cheapest times and days to fly and you can set an alert so that anytime the prices drop, you can be quick to snatch up the deal.

You can buy the flights directly through the app as well, so you’re just a touch away from booking the cheapest flights you can. The app is easy to use and has a good-looking display that makes finding flights fun and easy.


This app has exploded in popularity over the few years, and for good reason. It puts you in touch with homeowners who are willing to rent their homes to you, for one night, one week or however long you may need to stay.

You can choose homes from price range to neighborhoods and nearby attractions so you can find the right home for your stay. This also lets you see a city from a new perspective, one of a real homeowner rather than the typical hotel views.

The app can also help you find bars, restaurants and other things to do during your stay, so you can unwind when you have a little downtime.

Weather Live Free:

Wherever your travels take you, you want to know what you can expect every day: is a snow storm going to slow you down or will you have blue skies to help you make your sales? This weather app is a great companion to have anywhere in the world.

Not only does it show you the temperature, humidity and precipitation chances on a nice-looking display, but it also features a real-time animated radar that will keep you current on any weather fronts moving in or out of your area. You’ll always know what to expect with this free weather app.

The next time you travel for work, try these apps to help make everything a little easier.

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