How To Motivate Your Employee Staff With Incentive Travel

by Management Published on: 16 May 2017 Last Updated on: 18 August 2023

Offering staff something beyond their salary is often a great way to continue to motivate them and drive performance. Incentive travel trips provide an ideal opportunity to get the most from your staff and reward them for their hard work.

Corporate Rewards Events explain how incentive travel can be a fantastic way to motivate staff and drive sales for your business.

Something To Work Towards

An incentive trip is often the reward for staff when they meet sales targets, or to reward outstanding performance across a set time period. Trips often involve jetting off to a far flung location, although they can be smaller, such as weekends away or VIP treatment at a gig as part of a city break.

Getting staff excited about the prospect of an incentive trip is crucial, this can motivate them to work hard to be in with a chance of winning. It also helps to give staff something more to focus on with sales targets other than what to them might appear like an arbitrary number.

That additional level of motivation can make the difference between good sales, and great sales.

A Tangible Reward

The reward for performance in this case is a trip, either abroad or to a destination within the UK. This is something tangible that the winner can remember and enjoy. This is often a much more motivating factor than a bonus in a pay packet or vouchers, as it is pre-defined and feels a bit more special and out of the ordinary.

Incentive travel rewards are something to use sporadically, supporting a big sales push or campaign. Offering a prize of this size can highlight the importance of the campaign on your staff. Demonstrating that you value the efforts of your staff to this degree can help staff to feel much more valued and build loyalty to a brand or business, driving continued hard work.

Continued Motivation

Incentive trips make fantastic rewards for staff to work towards because they can generate continuing motivation.

Staff members who win are going to continue to work hard due to being rewarded with a holiday or trip, while staff that didn’t win can strive to go further during the next incentive in order to be in with a chance.

Your incentive might not just reward one person, it could see a whole sales team rewarded for an outstanding performance. The result can be the same as at a store level, motivating entire teams to work harder to be in with a chance of winning the next incentive. Promoting friendly competition in this way can be a great way of improving working relationships as well as driving improved sales across your business.

Offering an incentive travel trip as a reward for hard work can show your staff they are valued by your business and encourage them to strive to deliver consistent performances.

The motivation that incentive travel can create can be translated into great benefits to a business, increased staff morale, staff retention and better sales, all driven by offering an additional goal to work towards and a tangible reward for hard work.

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