Sales Personality Tests Are A 90% Predictor Of Success Among Sales Candidates

by Sales Published on: 29 March 2017 Last Updated on: 16 February 2024

Sales Personality Tests

What makes a solid salesperson differs depending on who you ask. A popular myth in sales marketing these days is the idea that only salespeople with ‘sales drive’ will succeed. In fact, many businesses today believe that the only top-performance salespeople are those who demonstrate through-the-proof sales drive or sales ‘hyper-drive.’ Broken down, this idea is flawed because it makes a number of false assumptions. Sales Personality Tests is the test where you will able to test a person where he/she is able to work as a sales worker for a long time.

The first issue with the assumption of sales drive as a primary determiner of sales ability is that it falsely assumes that all sales roles require the type-A aggressive tactics associated with sales ‘hunters.’ The second issue is that a sales hyper-drive mentality falsely assumes that there is only one type of sales drives in the first place. This article will break down the fundamental flaws in this argument and offer some constructive alternative thinking to this model.

What Is Sales Drive?

Many recruiters and sales managers believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sales roles. The best sales associate will be driven, aggressive, and fill the typical ‘heavy-hitter’ archetype. Unfortunately, different businesses and in fact different clients within the same business will not necessarily benefit from an exclusive type of salesperson with only one approach to the game.

As all businesses succeed based on a myriad of factors, it follows that salespeople are also motivated in a variety of ways. A sales ‘hunter,’ for example, is motivated by a very different set of factors than a sales ‘farmer’. A hunter offers a ‘sales drive’ that is directed towards the need to out-compete, exceed expectations, to win in a word, and these hunters crave control, agency, and independence. Meanwhile, a sales farmer is directed to succeed through altruism and a desire to truly help the customer. Both hunters and farmers bring different approaches to the game, even though they both exude ‘sales drive.’

Depending on whether you’re after fresh leads and new customers, or already have a large customer base and want to concentrate on maintaining and fostering those pre-existing relationships, you need different salespeople to fill these different roles. The ‘right’ kind of sales drive is one that meets the expectations of the role; therefore, the right kind of salesperson is one whose inherent personality type is a match for what the position requires.

Sales Personality Tests:

This is the very reason that so many businesses and recruiting agencies are relying on sales personality tests to properly assess and understand an applicant’s personality, and what role they will full naturally — which is a better indicator of future sales success than the façade they adopt during the interview. According to, core candidate traits mean more than education or skills training when it comes to sales, and their online assessment tests prove to be a 90% predictor of success using just such metrics. The tests prove to be so accurate that 97% of companies return for future assessments.

One of the fundamental reasons why recruiters and sales managers use sales personality tests is to avoid being misled in job interviews. Utilizing a sales test early in the process makes your interviews more effective by giving you key insights into an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses beforehand, and allows you the opportunity to amend interview questions as necessary.

Any recruiter or hiring manager who conducts an interview without first partnering with a sales test service like SalesTestOnline is essentially entering into an interview blind and is therefore much more likely to make a costly hiring error. By conducting a pre-interview sales personality test, you are better able to find a candidate who inherently — by their very nature — fits the specific sales role you’re looking to fill.

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