How To Build A Top-Performing Sales Team In New York

by Sales 10 September 2022

Sales Team

An efficient sales team is an integral component of most businesses.

The sales team is responsible for meeting an organization’s sales goals, matching goods and services to customers’ requirements, developing customer care, and presenting the business. Building a top-performing sales team in New York is essential as the city has a market boasting 8.6 million potential customers. 

To maintain and increase sales performance, you need a sales team with the right expertise and knowledge.

Implementing the following strategies can help you create a successful sales team to help your business in New York city grow.

Define Your Ideal Candidate


Your sales team’s main task is improving their conversion rates by targeting the right prospects at the right time using appropriate strategies.

It may be challenging to achieve this goal if you hire the wrong people for the role. The ideal candidate should be confident, ambitious, and motivated.

Defining your ideal candidate and creating a clear description for your job posting allows you to filter out the best candidates for the position. 

A clear description will include an overview of the role and the candidate’s responsibilities. It’s also important to mention which skills, educational achievements, and experience that are necessary to perform the job as it will narrow down your options, allowing you to make an informed decision when building your team.

Seek Help from a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency specializing in recruiting top B2B sales professionals can help you build a successful sales team.

When looking for one of the best recruitment agencies in New York, consider the services offered by Sales Talent Agency. Their strong reputation of placing 6,400 top performers for 1,500+ employers illustrates their expertise in the field. 

Hiring a sales recruitment agency with extensive experience can be valuable for your organization, as it allows you to grow your company’s revenues and increase its market share.

It is also easier for you to hire suitable candidates as the recruitment agency will likely have a thorough screening process, allowing them to identify the most qualified candidates in a large pool of applicants. 

Implement a Thorough Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

Hiring the right people isn’t enough when building a successful sales team. You must also implement a thorough onboarding process to ensure your new hires have the necessary tools and resources to succeed in their role.

If your employees aren’t equipped with the skills and knowledge and don’t have a clear understanding of your company’s expectations and culture, you may notice an increase in employee turnover.

A study of over 350 organizations shows that a bad onboarding experience may disengage new hires. Finding a replacement for the employee can be expensive, time-consuming, and further setback your team, so establish an efficient onboarding to reduce that risk. 

Offer Competitive Compensation

Competitive Compensation

When you want to attract top talent, you need to recognize their skills and offer competitive compensation. If your company’s pay package and benefits aren’t lucrative, you may find your employees breaching their contracts and leaving for a better offer.

The compensation can also influence your sales team’s motivation to work, affecting your company’s growth and credibility. When your sales team receives reasonable compensation, they’re likely to feel valued in your organization, resulting in better performance.

Building a top-performing sales team is crucial for a New York business due to the competition level in most industries. Take your time to handpick top talent in the industry and provide them with the resources to help your business grow!


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