Pendo Pricing: Its Main Features And Alternative

by Advertising 22 September 2021

Pendo Pricing

When it comes to client onboarding and software uptake, there are hundreds of products like Pendo to choose from. The question is, how can you determine which one is suitable for your business? There are more than 50 Pendo rivals and alternatives listed on G2. Individually comparing each one of them might take a lot of effort, as well as time.

The following information on Pendo is provided to help you make an informed decision. There are variances in features and strengths and disadvantages for each tool, which we’ll discuss. As a result, you’ll be able to identify the ideal digital adoption platform for your organization much more rapidly.

A product-experience platform, pendo pricing helps consumers learn about your product and shows you how they are using it in real-time. Using the platform, you can track consumer behavior as they interact with your application, and you’ll gain valuable insights into how users interact with your product. A customer’s demands might be used to prioritize product upgrades and enhancements.

Key Features Of Pendo Pricing

Due to its in-app analytics and feedback features, Pendo is primarily focused on letting you know exactly how your consumers are using and feeling about your products. Customers may learn how to use Pendo’s training and guide capabilities.

  • An analysis of its usage: Consider the ways in which users engage with and disregard certain elements of the software. Mobile and online versions of your application are both tracked by Pendo, which collects information from both.
  • Advice and communications inside the app: Assist consumers in learning how to use particular features by providing them with in-depth walkthroughs and product tutorials. To showcase innovative apps or provide suggestions for utilizing the software, create catchy advertisements. User inquiries can be answered by embedding links to information or instruction pages into the pop-ups themselves.
  • In-app Polls: Use in-app polls to find out what people think about your organization, product, or features. Respondents to in-app surveys, according to Pendo, are far more likely to respond than respondents to email surveys.
  • Road-mapping Tool: Create a product road map by using Pendo’s sharing product planning tool. Remain in sync between your teams by using the common feature-planning document.

Difference Between Pendo And Whatfix

Difference Between Pendo And Whatfix

There’s little doubt that Whatfix is one of Pendo’s biggest rivals. Each of these solutions offers user metrics and insights, allows you to conduct surveys in-app, as well as the ability to build guided walkthroughs and other in-app training. Nevertheless, because Pendo’s major concentration is on analytics, its services in other areas are more limited than those of other companies. Pendo, on the other hand, offers lower attrition and personality training choices than

Reasons to Choose Whatfix Over Pendo

Even though Pendo provides excellent capabilities for onboarding new clients, it offers relatively little in terms of educating employees. The distinctive characteristics of Whatfix make it more adaptable and broadly applicable than Pendo, such as the following ones.

  • With Whatfix, you may choose from a variety of security deployment options, including cloud-based or self-hosted.
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow to provide a seamless customer and employee experience.
  • Help menu based on user role and location: When users enter the app’s self-help menu, Whatfix gives them the most appropriate resources depending on their role and location. Making your existing material accessible from either the subconscious menu using Whatfix’s aggregation features is a great way to save time.
  • Packages that are SCORM- and xAPI-compatible are available from Whatfix for integration with your learning management system. In your LMS, you may build interactive courses and launch them, as well as import existing overviews.
  • It’s possible to produce training content such as pass-throughs in different formats, such as slideshows, videos, and articles. Each format instantly updates when you make a change to the original file and vice versa.


The above article talks about Pendo pricing, its key features, and one highly competitive alternative of Pendo software. The reasons stated below will clear your thoughts and will also prove the flexibility of Whatfix over pendo pricing. Try to study the concept in detail if you wish to know more about pendo and its features in brief.

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