Is Water Supply A Good Career Path?

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is water supply a good career path

Everyone wants to get access to healthy and clean water at all times. This is because it is an essential resource and is extremely necessary for applications in domestic, industrial, and commercial areas. This makes the water supply industry extremely critical for governments as well as businesses. Is water supply a good career path for you or not? You will get to know the answer after reading through to the end of this article.

The water supply industry is really important for the economy as well as the environment of not only the US but also every other country. Access to quality and freshwater enables people to live and work better. Furthermore, clean and affordable water is the need for every home, government, and business. The water supply industry is basically responsible for managing the water infrastructure of our society.

Is Water Supply A Good Career Path? – A General Overview

Is Water Supply A Good Career Path? – A General Overview

Building and administration of pipes, treatment plants, pumps, and other things related to water passage, falls in the category of the water supply industry. The water that you use to drink and bathe, the ones that are used in medicines, cleaning, research, and many more, all come due to the presence of the water supply industry.

To your question, “Is water supply a good career path?” our answer is – “Absolutely.” However, like every other industry, you will need to show the required qualifications, skills, and experience, to make an impact. Furthermore, due to the shortage of employees in the water supply industry, many organizations offer very good wages as well as a lot of benefits. 

Another great factor of the water supply industry is that, no matter what your education and skill level are, you will always get a good job opportunity, at least somewhere. The best part about the water supply industry is that you are actually doing good to society by letting people get access to clean and pure water for the functioning of their daily lives.

Is Water Supply A Good Career Path? Career Salaries

Is Water Supply A Good Career Path? Career Salaries

As per the data from the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average salary of water supply workers is around $48,000/ year (approx.). If you have the job of a Plant & System Operator, you will be one of the highest-paid ones in the water supply industry, with an annual wage of $61,350.

Furthermore, the salaries in the water supply industry can change as per the state you are staying in. The states that have higher-pay-for-water supply jobs are Washington, California, Nevada, and Connecticut. 

Apart from that, you will also need to understand that water supply jobs are higher-paying in metropolitan areas as compared to rural areas. This is probably because the water supply systems in metropolitan areas are more complex than the ones in rural areas, and more skills and experience are needed to handle them.

Top Career Options In Water Supply

Depending upon the qualification, skills, and experience you have, the following are the major career options in the water supply industry that you need to look out for:

1. Wastewater Collections Operator

Wastewater Collections Operator

The main responsibility of the Collection operator is to ensure the quicker flow of water in the water supply plant. These operators need to be typically skilled and must consider the maintenance of the systems that are present in the plant.

2. Industrial Pre-Treatment Coordinator

Industrial Pre-Treatment Coordinator

These operators are mostly employed in the facilities of local government, and they mainly stay in charge of the pretreatment programs of municipalities. You will need to ensure here that all processes are in place and everything is in working order in the plant. 

However, the degree required for the job can either be an engineering degree or a science degree. Furthermore, only an experienced person is required for this job.

3. Water Distribution Operator

Workers in this location maintain the water distribution systems. By doing this, it is ensured that the water that is delivered to and made available to the general public is secure for consumption. These workers are also responsible for the gauge readings and meter recordings of the treatment plant.

4. Water Treatment Plant Operator

Water Treatment Plant Operator

This water supply job requires people to operate and maintain the water treatment plants, as well as maintain and manage equipment, plus monitor and inspect the pieces of machinery and facilities. You will also be responsible for managing the collection and testing of the water quality in the treatment plant.

5. Wastewater Treatment Operator

Wastewater Treatment Operator

This is the most important part of ensuring drinking water to the public. You will have to ensure here that the water treatment plant is working at the highest level in the water treatment area. Furthermore, you will also be responsible for managing cleaning works, repairing equipment and pieces of machinery, and many more.

6. Drinking Water Treatment Operator

The personnel in this area must manage, maintain, run, and repair the machinery and equipment used in water treatment plants to deliver drinking water. Pumping stations and other water facilities also include such water supply workers. You might have to perform water tests, pump repairs, water calibration, etc.

7. Green Infrastructure Worker

Green Infrastructure Worker

These workers are responsible for maintaining the stormwater services and managing them. This job requires you to manage those systems that protect the natural water cycle by saving water and stopping disasters. You will need to manage rainwater harvesting systems, permeable pavements, as well as bioretention systems.

Summing Up

I believe we adequately addressed your inquiry, “Is water supply a good job path?” The water supply sector has a reputation for being usually stable and secure, with a reputation for offering a wide range of perks and job satisfaction to employees. However, in some cases, a few jobs in the water supply can be risky and stressful since water supply workers have to always stay alert for any potential risks and hazards that may turn out to be disastrous. But, if you have the right number of skills and experience, by sticking to the rules and procedures, you will do great in water supply jobs.

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