How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

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how many jobs are available in public utilities

Before entering any sector, you must know what the available job opportunities are associated with the sector. If you are thinking of joining the public utility sector. First, you have to know what public utility sectors are and how many jobs are available in public utilities.

Public utility services are focused on the basic requirements of human society. This sector is more like a regular meal, not the vitamins once. So the job opportunity is pretty high. And this is the main reason many new job enthusiasts like to venture into the public utility sectors.

Let’s start with ‘What are public utilities?

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What Are Public Utilities Services?

What Are Public Utilities Services?

The government actually provides public utility services to the public. These are the compulsory services that the government is bound to offer its citizens.

Public utility services include all sorts of daily life essentials. That means the public utility services include all sorts of services that are compulsory for functioning a society. The services supply names can also fluctuate based on the government’s changing norms.

So what comes under public utility services?

Here Are Some Common Examples Of Public Utility Services:

  • Water Supply
  • Electricity Services
  • Sewage Maintenance
  • Gas supply
  • Telephone and communication services

So I think you already understand the value of public utility services. The job opportunity options are high throughout the season. So now, move on to the next part of the article. And know how many jobs are available in public utilities and what companies are in the public utility field.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

Do you want to know what types of jobs are available in the Public utility sectors? Then here is the answer for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 558,000 people who are currently employed in the public utilities industry, only in the US as of 2020. The employment is under categories such as:

  • Natural gas distribution
  • Telecommunication
  • Sewage, water, and other similar systems
  • Electric power transmission, generation, and also distribution.

Here is the list of how many jobs are available in public utilities. And along with the profile, you will get an idea about companies in the public utility field.

1. Natural Gas Public Utility Sector

Natural Gas Public Utility Sector

In the United States, natural gas is the main power and thermal output source. In this field, the names ExxonMobil and Chevron are the two most well-known names. These two companies are producing more than  33% of the oil and gaseous petrol in the country.

This single industry supports more than 9.8 million jobs. That means that 5.6% of the US employment population is covered up. An unconventional oil and natural gas value chain is also supported by more than  2.1 million jobs. 

According to the data of the PWC, by the end of 2025, natural gas will go to reserve more than 1 million just for manufacturing jobs. So I think you can add this sector to your favorite list. Now let’s see the other two highest-paying jobs from the public utility sectors. And see how many jobs are available in public utilities besides the public natural gas utility sector.

Here Are The Names Of A Few Natural Gas Companies:

  • Energy Transfer.
  • Exelon Corporation.
  • Duke Energy Corporation.

2. Water And Waste Management Public Utility Sector

Water And Waste Management Public Utility Sector

Sewage maintenance and water supply are among the most significant two industries in the United States. Most organizations work for specific area services. The area is liable for eliminating wastewater from residential places and homes.

Many new job ventures want to know how many jobs are available in public utilities. And sometimes, these sectors just skip from their mind.

The wastewater provides all sorts of clean water and ensures the proper utilization of the clean water. In the whole water cycle waste, water management is another essential part. They somehow work with the nearby state, which the administrators run.

This treatment facility is implemented to keep the water spotless and purer. These sewage maintenance works are really hectic jobs and are more like monstrous activities. And as a result, these departments require more employees than the other departments.

Here Are Some Of The Names Of Water And Waste Management Companies In The USA:

  • Danaher Corporation
  • Ecolab
  • Kemira

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3. Electric Power Utility Services

Electric Power Utility Services

Electric power generations are another requirement for any modern society. In the USA, almost every house home utility service depends on the power supply. Each state manages the right electric power supply for individual customers.

Starting in 2020, around  172,000 people will be working in the electric power age areas. According to the USEER research report, by the end of 2020, the employee numbers are reaching 7.5 million.

If you are having queries like how many jobs are available in public utilities. You can select this sector and search for the available positions from electric power utility companies’ profiles.

By the end of 2020, there is proof of a continuous declining number. And during the peak hours of the pandemic, the number of energy jobs decreased by 1.4 million. But now, the sector is slowly recovering from the situation, and 520,000 energy jobs are resettled.

Here Are Some Of The Names Of The USA’s Most Promising Power Sectors:

  • Exelon Corporation.
  • Southern California Edison Company.
  • Florida Power & Light Company.

What Is An Average Pay Of A Utilities Worker?

Now you know the answer to how many jobs are available in public utilities. But what about the payment systems? Here is all about the average pay systems of utility workers.

  • In the United States, the average utility worker’s pay is $20.62 on hourly basis services. 
  • A professional utility worker can make $82,171 in a single year.
  • An average utility worker works 43.7 hours a week.
  • The salary can also be different depending on the experience and the specific job type.
  • For applying for public utility services jobs, a high school diploma certificate or any relevant training certificate is enough.
  • Numbers of benefits are available for the retirement policies.

What Are The Skills Required For A Role In Public Utilities?

If you are planning on working in the public utilities sector, then there are a few important skills that you should have, and they are.

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Safety Focus
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are you planning to enter the public utility sector? Then these questions and answers will help you and make things clear for you.

Q1: Is There Any Difference Between Utilities And Public Utilities?

Yes, both are not the same. Cooperative utilities are owned by the customers they are serving. Publicly owned properties are mainly nonprofit types. Private utilities are also addressed as inverter-owned utilities.

Q2: Are The Maximum Numbers Of Utilities Public Or Private?

Most of the distribution utilities are owned by the public. But in the higher income, economic society, things are a little bit different, so you will find more private touch.

 Q3: What Is The Name Of The Largest Public Power Company In The US?

Two giant company names come first in the line.
1. California-based Pacific Gas and Electric with 5.48 million consumers.
2. Southern California-based Edison Company with 5.07 million consumers.

Wrapping It Up!

I think you get your answer for how many jobs are available in public utilities. But everything depends on your passions. Every individual has different types of love for their career. And this is just the right way to utilize your experiences and passion. Usually, the graduation certificates or the school living certifications are enough to start your career in the public utility sector.

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