Where To Find Motivational Speaking Job Opportunities

by Job & Career 10 October 2018

Motivational Speaking

A motivational speaker is a certified public speaker who conducts public seminars and organizes public sessions to motivate people on various aspects of life and professional. Motivational speaking is a sort out profession and the motivational speakers are in high demand. There are many venues where a motivational speaker is a good resource for an organization. Some of the best motivational speakers charge the highest fee for their services and get the booking in advance for multiple sessions to the audience.

If you are wondering whether this profession has any scope in the market or where to find motivational speaking job opportunities, you will learn that presently motivational speaking is one of the best professions in the world. Many people are getting in the profession of motivational speaking and as compared to a conventional job, a good motivational speaker on average makes more and there is no cap on how much one will earn in this field. With time and experience, a good motivational speaker can earn an annual salary of more than $200,000 and this is just an average estimate. Renowned motivational speakers earn more and have shown amazing career progression.

Where to find Motivational Speaking Job opportunities?

If you are starting your career as a motivational speaker, you will have to market yourself and showcase your skills as a public speaker. Register yourself with the local motivational speaking communities. Offer to give free public sessions and ask for public speaking opportunities. Your local committees will arrange sessions where you will get a chance to interact with the audience. Do your homework and deliver targeted public speaking sessions. Your ability to deliver a good motivational speaking session would open doors to many other opportunities.

Look out for recruiters and HR people and introduce your services to them. Today organizations are more focused on human resource development and most companies conduct regular training and learning sessions. Motivational speaking is a big part of the learning and training process, and organizations are always looking out for good motivational speakers to conduct motivational classes and motivate their employees. In some organizations, there are quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly events where employees celebrate their work-related performances. In such events, the organization hires the services of a qualified motivational speaker to interact with their employees and help them to stay motivated and focused on their careers.

Most companies outsource the public speaking sessions. Your recruiter will be enlisting your services for such sessions. Be prepared with your material as you might be called in to deliver a session on short notice so keep your sessions ready for such scenarios.

Besides companies, another venue where you will find many opportunities to begin your career as a motivational speaker is colleges and educational institutions. Educational institutions hire services of motivational speakers and in most institutions, the speakers are given an opportunity to apply for a full-time job. A motivational speaker gets to interact with both the faculty and students and conduct multiple speaking session throughout the year. There is no shortage of speaking session in an academic institution and you will find your opportunity with some effort.

As a motivational speaker, one good opportunity you have is that you may decide to work for yourself. Unlike other professions this field allows you to set your own career track and go for self-employment. Some of the most successful motivational speakers started by working for themselves and are now making a good living out of this career. Working for your own is rewarding in so many ways. Firstly it helps you to set your own pricing and progress your career as you gain more experience and recognition in this field. You are not dependent on companies to check your performance and you will be able to critically and fairly judge your own progress.

Working for yourself is not as daunting as it may seem. You have many opportunities where now you have easy online access and you may upload your videos and branding your services online. Be part of many social media groups and focus on pages where motivational speakers are in demand. Soon you will find a break and in no time you will realize that a job where you are working for yourself has better payment than a conventional desk job.

These are some venues where you will find motivational speaking opportunities. Keep looking for good openings and expand your own skills to deliver professional speaking sessions. You will find this profession rewarding and you will find personal satisfaction in helping and motivating others.

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