5 Best Professional Career Options That Are Hot And Trending Right Now

by Job & Career 15 March 2021

Best Professional Career Options

At high school and college graduation, it is common to hear speakers talking about following your passion. The idea behind this concept is that if you make a career out of your passion, you will try to work harder for it.

Unfortunately, in real life, it does not work out that way. If you want to follow your passion (which is in decline) to walk through a career, it will take years of effort to keep up with the job. And if you find a job that hardly pays enough, then you will find it hard to pay up your living bills.

So what to do in this kind of situation? Are there any solutions? Fortunately, there is!

Colleges in Dubai are not only focusing on giving their students high-quality academic services, but they also offer their students seminars about the current career trends and what skills are necessary to pursue them.

How To Identify The Most Lucrative Career Opportunities?

The bureau of labor statistics and the occupational outlook handbook are among the promising tools that let the users have an insight into the trending career opportunities. It goes through the market collecting data on the recruitment field to give the user accurate data.

These tools provide details on several occupations, describing the work thoroughly and the skills needed for the work. Out of all the features, the best feature will be the search features that allow the user to filter out the relevant jobs.

These data are based on the followings:

  • How fast is the job growth?
  • How much will they pay?
  • The education and training needed for the job?

Best Professional Career Options For The Next Decade:

By putting the following factors together, it is possible to generate a list of career options that hold promising opportunities for the next decade.

  • Job Growth.
  • Earning Potential.
  • Educational requirements.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s hop on to the list.

1. Software Developer:

Software Developer

Perhaps this is the most demanding career option in the trend. A software developer is an individual that designs and writes the code of the programs and makes them executable on the platform like computers and mobiles.

Software development involves:

  • Figuring out what users need.
  • Designing and creating software according to the needs.
  • Making upgrades.
  • Ensuring the application runs smoothly.

2. Industrial Engineer:

Industrial Engineer

As we know, an engineer is someone who designs, builds, and maintains. The same thing can be said for industrial engineers. Industrial engineers are the ones who design, build and maintain the system that industry relies on to offer goods and services to the consumers.

As the industry keeps on growing, the demand for industrial engineers will keep spiking the graph.

3. Financial Manager:

Financial Manager

Every company, irrelevant of how big and small they are, needs to deal with money. If the business is big enough, they hire professionals to manage that side of the business.

The managers keep track of the business’s financial flow, create financial reports, manage the investments, and direct the organization towards making long-term financial goals.

4. Management Analyst:

Management Analyst

Management analysts might not sound convenient, then how about management consultants. A management consultant helps businesses find effective ways to run business.

Management analysts come to the organization, go through the operation activity, interview the staff members and analyze the financial data. After going through the whole process, they come up with optimized operation activity.

5. Information Security Analyst:

Information Security Analyst

With digitalization, most businesses have taken a digital approach to expound their business. Hence, to safeguard all the online information, businesses have started hiring information security analysts to offer security to the computer system and its information from external threats.

This profession is by far the simplest one. You simply have to use different tools and software to ensure that the information is safe and protected from bugs and viruses.


All the career opportunities we have mentioned above offer good wages and prospects to show exponential growth. However, trust doesn’t mean these are the only career options to pursue.

While following your passion, why not take the smartest move to get a job that you enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be related to your passion. Just something that you like spending your time with.

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