Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

by Job & Career 06 October 2022

is marine transportation a good career path?

Ever imagined sailing the seven seas and seeing all its wonders – and being paid to do so? That is close to what you can expect if you are looking for a career in the marine transportation industry.

Now, if you are interested, you might think – is marine transportation a good career path? If you have this question, then you have come to the right place. Read this article to find out whether this career is just what you are looking for.

Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

You might ask yourself – “is marine transportation a good career path?” from time to time if you are interested. I know it can be difficult to find a good career path that fits what you want to do growing up. 

Therefore, in my opinion, the answer is Yes.

There are lots of opportunities for young professionals to enter this industry. The marine transportation industry is growing fast since international and long-distance trade seems to increase every day. Therefore, you can easily get in if you try hard enough and make a successful; career in a few years’ time.

What Skills Are Required In Marine Transportation?

If you ask yourself, “is marine transportation a good career path” you need some skills up your sleeves to make it there. Some of the most essential skills required for professionals in the marine transportation industry are:

1. Sharp Senses

Sharp Senses

Sharp senses are one of the most basic skills required for professionals in this industry. Ever seen the movie Titanic? Remember how the ship sank just because the observers couldn’t see the iceberg in front of them? Nobody wants another disaster like that to happen. Therefore, sharp senses are required at all times when you are on the ship.

2. Physical Strength And Agility

Physical Strength And Agility

If you are on the ship as a crew member or even as a specialist, you need strength and agility. You need strength to lift heavy objects and oversee the workings of the machinery. In addition, you need to be a swimmer, since you have to swim aboard if you don’t want to drown.

3. Technical Skills

Technical Skills

If you are involved in the mechanical aspects of managing a ship, then you need to learn what you will be doing. A ship runs on thousands of different machines, and levers all put together. If you are an onboard mechanical engineer, you need to know the ins and outs of the ship, like the back of your hand.

4. Degrees


You cannot simply ask yourself, “is marine transportation a good career path” or decide to enter this field. First and foremost, you need to know what the requirements are to enter this field of profession. Then, you need to get the proper degrees and education and crack the examinations to start building a career here. 

Marine Transportation Career Opportunities

Some of the best job opportunities that you can avail yourself in the marine transportation industry are:

1. Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer

Average Annual Salary: $90,000

One of the most lucrative jobs in the marine industry right now is that of a marine engineer. The job of a marine engineer on board is to oversee various mechanical aspects of the ship, like installing and uninstalling machinery of the ship. They are also responsible for repairing mechanical faults of the ship’s engine.

2. Deckhand


Average Annual Salary: $4,000

When passengers get on the ship, they should always be amazed by how neat and clean the ship is. Therefore, to get this look, you need a number of deckhands. As an entry-level marine transportation job, you will have a lot of responsibilities for maintaining the overall look of the ship, especially its appearance. If you want to know “is marine transportation a good career path,” then you can start out here.

3. Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker

Average Annual Salary: $26,000

Crew members and passengers will definitely need good food to survive the journey through the seven seas. Therefore, a chef is required on board to cook great dishes (mostly seafood). However, this is not an easy task since you can run out of food and keep them from perishing quickly. Therefore, a food service worker is in high demand to prepare meals for everyone on board.

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4. Steward-Stewardess


Average Annual Salary: $48,000

The role of a steward/stewardess is to look after the requests of the passengers on the ship. Your job will be to ensure that the passengers have a safe and comfortable journey and have their requests fulfilled. Here, a good and charismatic personality is needed as the most important skill.

5. Oiler


Average Annual Salary: $46,000

A ship has lots of moving engine parts. To prevent them from touching each other, it requires to be greased and oiled, which also prevents friction and breakdowns. Therefore, you need trained personnel who know which parts of the shop require frequent oiling to maintain its integrity.

6. Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

The primary motive of most transportation of ships on the sea is to either transport passengers or goods (mostly goods). Therefore, you will need constant communication with officials at the port to navigate the waters carefully. Plus, you will always need someone to oversee the logistical aspects of the trade. You will oversee trades that will take place after the ship reaches the other port to drop off the goods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some frequently asked questions related to is marine transportation a good career path are:

Q1. What Does A Marine Transportation Specialist Do?

Ans: Some of the key duties of a marine transportation specialist are:
A. Supervise and administer ship operating policies.
B. Monitoring ship and crew readiness.
C. Reporting ship and crew requirements.

Q2. What Is Marine Transportation Management?

Ans: Marine Transportation management is a process of providing and overseeing marine transportation services. This includes various services like:
A. Operating ships for transportation.
B. Manage the transportation of passengers and luggage through waterways.

Q3. Is Marine Transportation In Demand?

Ans: As long as global trade exists, marine transportation will continually grow and be in demand. Tonnes of goods are being produced daily, with lots of ships on the water carrying them back and forth.

Q4. Is There A Board Exam For Marine Transportation?

Ans: Yes, there are several examinations that you have to appear for if you want to enter the marine transportation industry. In the USA, these exams are called the US Coast Guard Merchant Marine License Examinations.


Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?

The answer is – Yes.

However, the true answer would be – Do You Have What It Takes?

There are lots of jobs available in the marine transportation industry. This includes becoming a mechanical engineer, to even a deckhand and an oiler. Or, if you have business in mind, then a logistics coordinator might be what you want to become.

Just ensure that you do the right courses and have the right skills required for the post. Therefore, start preparing from now, and good luck with your endeavors!

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