Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Finance – Unlocking Your Financial Potential

by Job & Career 10 May 2023

Best Paying Jobs In Finance

Looking for the best paying jobs in finance? Well, it is only convenient to ask knowing how the fin-tech industry is growing. Investment, financial technology, and fin-tech are some industries where you can find reasonably good job opportunities.

So, if you are a new job seeker looking for the highest paying finance jobs, go through the list I have put together in this article.

Highest Paying Finance Jobs

You can look for job opportunities in different sectors, such as consumer service, healthcare, finance, and more.

What are the highest paying finance jobs? Glad that you asked. Here is a list of some of the best finance jobs that promise great job security, a great salary, and everything you are looking for in a finance job.

1. Financial Adviser

Financial Adviser

Financial advisors are professionals who help their clients identify both short-term and long-term financial goals. They also help with finding different products and help make people logical financial decisions. However, as a financial advisor, you need to build your financial knowledge and work with the underwriters and people struggling with risk assessment. This job requires you to be your client’s go-to point for financial aid.

As a financial advisor, you can expect a salary of $75,003 Per Year.

2. Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant

Accounting jobs are one of the best paying jobs in finance. As a senior accountant, you will maintain the budget and perform day-to-day accounting work. You also need to meet accounting goals, oversee different corporate expenditures, and maintain them within budget. If you are looking for a well-paying finance job, you can aim for the senior accountant role.

Senior accountants usually earn $78,341 Per Year

3. Budget Analyst

Budget Analyst

As the name suggests, budget analysts are accountable for helping different organizations figure out their budgets and finance. You might work with government agencies, universities, and private companies as a budget analyst. It is also one of the best paying jobs in finance.

You can earn an annual salary of $76,540 per year as a budget analyst.

4. Loan Officer

Loan Officer

Loan officers are liable for helping individuals and companies get their loans approved. They have to review the loan seeker’s eligibility and asses they assess their capability for paying off debts, and approve loans accordingly. If you are a fresh graduate and want to start a job in the finance sector, this is one of the best options to consider.

As a loan officer, you will earn an annual salary of $63,270 per year.

5. Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

If you are aiming really high and want to do a lot of managerial work, then the role of CFO is the best finance job for you. As a company’s Chief Financial Officer, you will be responsible for overseeing the company’s financial structure and cash flow and planning for future growth. As these professionals, you will need to understand the financial modeling of an organization and have a minute understanding of accounting. You will also be responsible for managing the financial team of your company.

Your annual salary for the role of Chief Financial Officer will be $393,377 per year.

6. Investment Banker

Investment Banker

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in finance, you can opt for the role of Investment banker. As an investment banker, you will be responsible for handling and managing the investment portfolios of different government agencies and investing in different businesses.

The annual salary of the investment bankers is – $84,509 per year.

7. Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

The financial analyst role is one of the best paying jobs in finance. As a financial analyst, you must work with lots of data. The goal is to help your clients and businesses make informed financial decisions. Financial analysts work with organizations like the bank, insurance companies, and funds.

You can expect a salary of $95,570 per year as a financial analyst.

8. Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge Fund Manager

Your responsibilities as a hedge fund manager will be similar to investment bankers. But the only difference is that you will work with lots of high-risk and high-reward investment portfolios. Hedge Fund managers work for different investors who invest their capital in hedge funds for profit.

However, since you will be dealing with lots of high-risk funds, you need to always stay updated with the market and monitor.

Hedge fund managers earn an annual salary of $86,544 per year.

9. Information Technology Auditor

Information Technology Auditor

If you have a degree and skill in the IT department, you can also use it to get a job in the finance sector. IT auditors are responsible for overseeing whether the IT structure is meeting the compliance needs of the enterprise. They work for lots of private companies in technology fields and government agencies to offer IT solutions.

You will earn a good salary of $98,026 per year.

10. Financial Software Developers

Financial Software Developers

One of the best paying finance jobs includes fintech jobs as well. The fintech industry is growing, and many software solutions are required to help financial institutions meet their goals. You will develop software solutions for different financial institutions as a financial software developer.

As a financial software developer, you will earn an annual salary of $109,117 per year.

More Best Paying Jobs In Finance

Aside from the list of top ten jobs, there are also high-paying jobs in the same sector; and I could not help but list those job roles and their yearly salaries in this article.

  1. Private Equity Associate: $111,388 per year.
  2. Chief Compliance Officer: $137,271 per year.
  3. Tax Director: $123,000 per year.
  4. Insurance Advisor: $55,850 per year.

Bottom Line

Before you apply or aim for any of these job roles, we would like for you to know that the annual salary is taken from the data provided on Indeed. The salary may vary from one jurisdiction to another. However, if you are looking for best paying jobs in finance, you can opt for any of the ones mentioned here.

However, if you need more clarification on any of them, please let us know in the comment section. We will try to solve your queries. Thanks for reading this article.

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