Inbound Call Centers: A Major Source of Jobs in India

by Job & Career 23 October 2020

Inbound Call Centers

The invention of the telephone bridged the communication gap and made it easy to connect with people from all over the world. The further invention of mobile phones and it’s constant advancements meant that staying connected just got a whole lot easier.

We live in an era of information and technology where resolving an issue or being well informed is very easily achievable. Whereas India is concerned, language is not the barrier as a majority of people do speak fluent English due to the western colonization.

Inbound call centers India is a booming business and essentially the focal point of jobs in the country owing to the large population.

What Is An Inbound Call Center?

Inbound Call Center

They are two types of call centers: Inbound and Outbound. The difference between them is very basic and simple. When a customer calls and the call is received on the other end it is an inbound process. This is mostly for services wherein a customer may call for queries or resolve issues regarding the product or service in use.

Tech support and customer service are the two most common types of inbound processes. So every time a customer calls, a helpdesk agent would be on the other end to resolve the customer’s issue as to provide product satisfaction.

Inbound call centers in India are constantly growing with many companies setting up processes in India opting to outsource. This also proves to be hugely beneficial to India as it opens up a lot of employment.

Almost 80% of American companies offshore their inbound process to India. This includes top companies like Microsoft, FMC, GE, Cisco, and Amex. Outbound call centers are processes that involve cold calling prospects and clients to inform about a product or service This is a common process in marketing teams.

Need For Inbound Call Centers

Customers will always need a point of contact in case of queries or issues with a product or service they buy. Having an inbound call center is the first step to assuring or convincing a customer to purchase a product. This establishes a certain amount of trust that help is always readily available.

The inbound process further helps a company to connect with all its customers on a personal level to resolve any issues or troubles faced with their product. It not only helps with customer satisfaction but can help to prevent any damage the company may face due to a lack of response.

Having an inbound call center is easy as it can be outsourced or be permanently set-up externally as a separate process in itself. This can help a brand or product focus entirely on its development and further improvements aimed towards growth.

India A Go-To Option for Call Center

India is a very attractive option for many countries from a business standpoint. In terms of a call center, India is the prime choice and various factors play a role in ascertaining India as the leading choice.

The low labor costs, the comfortable time-zone, available resources, and the majority of the population being fluent in English make it an optimal choice. The large population and socio-economic status of the majority make India a perfect choice with a win-win situation.

As the low driving labor costs make it a very profitable choice from a business perspective, the ability of most Indians being able to speak good fluent English certainly helps as it is easy to set-up a process and the steady availability of resources. The time zone makes it comfortable as one can provide services for many countries with ease.

Call Center A Back Bone and Job Hub in India

All top American companies have their inbound process in India. Large companies tend to set up a huge department for these processes and this in return creates a lot of job opportunities for Indians. Most of the Indians are youngsters from a backward socio-economic status. This makes the need for a job to shoulder various responsibilities very important.

Call centers provide the perfect platforms for the lakhs of Indians graduating to find a job that pays well. This also helps the country to have a low unemployment rate that helps. Call center jobs are easily and widely available to anyone with language fluency. Call center jobs are the most common job in India.


The fluency in English and a large population with low driving costs help India land most inbound process contracts. This helps the country largely as it is the major provider of jobs thereby helps curb the unemployment rate in the country.

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