What is an Ideal Length For Explainer Video? – Long Or Short?

by Marketing 25 October 2022

Explainer Video

The explainer video is great for providing a high-level overview of a topic. The stripped-down, conversational style makes them an ideal way to introduce complex ideas to your audience. Have you seen how many people are searching for a 30-second explainer video? Yes, the short video audience numbers are high. 

However, as with any medium, there’s a lot that can be done with them. Some are more effective than others. 

Here are some general guidelines that can help you determine how long it should be. Keep reading to learn more about this topic and explore different ways you can create an ideal length for your content.

Why Is It Essential To Settle The Length Of The Explainer Video?

An ideal length for an explainer video is one of the numerous issues you will have to answer when creating one. Like all the other blogs on the subject, we can tell you at once that the best video length for explainer videos is 60 to 120 seconds. 

However, this is not always the case in all explainer video scripts and statistics. The explainer video characters also belong to this category. The anime characters are always better, and illustrations are becoming easier.

 Length Of The Explainer Video

The impression given by the statistics is somewhat contradictory.

1. Wistia, a company dealing with marketing and video production, discovered that an explainer video lasts for two minutes at the optimum length in 2016 survey. The company analyzed over 500,000 explainer videos that have been watched a billion times on the internet and discovered that two-minute videos are ideal.
2. Furthermore, a recent study shows that Animation Explainers found that the average view for an explainer video falls from 77% and 57% when it also reaches upto 2 minutes in duration.

So, what should the length of the explainer video be?

Check it is long-lasting enough to include all the pertinent information necessary to create a compelling video but not so long that it becomes tiresome to viewers, prevents them from staying until the end, and damages your success.

How To Choose The Best Length Of Explainer Video?

Finding an explainer video length which is just a simple yet quick way to capture future clientele’s awareness, is the key to success in video marketing

They are observing your app explainer video while asking, “Can you resolve my problem?” Your video must be brief to be effective. 

Human attention span has become shorter in recent years, from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. The length is crucial in the marketing industry, not just in determining the standard. 

Length Of Explainer Video

According to Wistia, the average length should be no more than 2 minutes. The longer your video is, the less potential your audience will be engaged. 

The range of explainer video pricing is wide; these differences are for making the system easy and more accurate for the audiences.

As a result, motion graphics explainer video and animated video production https://rocketmotion.co/ have evolved and adapted to meet our needs.

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing The Animated Video Length

When choosing the length of your animated explainer video, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to consider how much time you want people to spend watching your video. 

Do you want them to watch the whole thing? Do you want them to just skip around? Is there a specific part of the content that you want viewers to focus on?

If you know exactly! What kind of content do you want to demonstrate? Then choose the timing that matches it. 

If you want viewers to spend some time watching an overview of your product or service, then make sure your explainer video is at least 30 seconds long. If you want them to fully explore every aspect of your business, then it should be several minutes long.

Animated Video Length

Next, it’s important to think about how many people will be viewing your video at once. How many users are sharing it on social media at any given time? 

How many people are watching it live in their own browsers? In order for the animation to look good, it needs enough resolution and frame rate so that everything looks crisp and clear no matter how many users are looking at the same time. The more resolution and faster the frame rate, the better.

Finally, keep in mind that there are different types of animations: animated GIFs and SWFs are great for short, simple videos, while MP4s and MOVs are great.

What Is An Ideal Length For The Explainer Video?

60-90 seconds is the optimal length for an explainer video, but there are other possibilities if your business needs are different. 

30-60 seconds short explainer videos are acceptable, but 60-90 seconds are also popular. 60-90 seconds is the right range to deliver everything a person would want to know about a product or service at this time. 

Furthermore, the time allows for the listener to get all of the information, delivering the impression, “I already know and love you, so let’s avoid the intro and just inform me what’s new.”

The 2-minutes long explainer video, on the contrary, is like, “You must have information that I can’t live without, so please proceed.”


Great stories are worth telling. And so is a great explainer video. If you’re looking to pitch your company, website, product, or service to a potential audience but have no idea how to do it, it helps to start with some professional story-telling and a few reasons why your company is worth following.

The first step to creating a great video is to understand that it’s not the same as creating a great story. But the second step is exactly the same as the first: find a story that’s worth telling and put it into a video.

And the third step is just as important as the first two: keep that story moving as quickly as possible. You’re not looking for a 30-minute showpiece here. Your mission? To get your audience to understand and fall in love with your company.


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