How To Become A Content Writer With No Experience?

by Job & Career 23 September 2022

Content Writer

Content writing is currently one of the trendiest and hottest jobs in the marketing industry.

As the labor market’s need for this position increases, so is the need for content writers. But, as this job is relatively new, it is understandable that not many people have experience in it, so it is only natural to wonder how to become a content writer with no experience.

Some useful ways you can try to gain more content writing experience are to write for friends and family, connect with other content writers, find a content writing agency, create writing samples, publish some of your work online for free, take a content writing course, and create a website.

In the continuation of this article, we will take an in-depth look at some of the most popular ways how to become a content writer with no experience.

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How to Become a Content Writer With No Experience

The first and foremost thing is to have a basic sense of writing and researching. Then, as long as you have the required set of writing skills, good grammar knowledge, and a lot of creativity, becoming a content writer can be much easier than you might think.

We know it might sound cliche, but practice makes it perfect, so consistency in writing and regular upgrade of your writing skills will be your best friends along your content writing journey.

To lend you a hand and push you into the content writing waters, we have come up with the eight most successful and proven ways how to become a content writer with no experience. Therefore, make sure to read the rest of this article carefully, as the key to a good writer lies somewhere in there.

Become a Content Writer

1. Write to family and friends

The first thing you can do is to start small in familiar surroundings and with familiar people. See whether some of your family or friends need an online promotion in the shape of a post, article, blog, etc., of their products or services. Ask around in local shops and stores and make contacts everywhere you can.

While practicing your content writing with people you know, you will become more confident in your work, and as a result, you will be able to progress and reach a wider mass of clients quickly.

Also, you can ask your closest ones whether they know someone who needs content writing service or kindly promote you if they think there is a chance to land you a content writing job.

2. Connect with other content writers

If you want to hear about the real good and bad sides of the content writing job and hear other experiences on how to become a content writer with no experience from already established writers, making connections is the ultimate key.

You can look for them online or ask some of your close group of people whether they know content writers. This task will be easy to achieve because, on the internet, you can find a variety of content writing blogs and forums where people gather to discuss and share their experiences regarding this profession.

The more contacts you make, the higher your chances of becoming a successful content writer, even without experience, because part of your experience will be your communication with other content writers and their advice to you.

3. Find a content writing agency

Unlike a few years ago, finding a digital marketing agency that will support you is much easier, thanks to the increased popularity of digital marketing, especially content writing. This agency can be from your city, your country, or even from another continent. You can collaborate online, have online meetings, and be equally successful in your content writing job as you would be if you went to a real office.

One of the greatest things about collaborating with a content writing agency is that you will have the chance to work with experienced content writers, proofreaders, and editors, which will help you achieve even more professional experience.

Also, when you work with a genuine writing agency, there is always something new to learn, and there is always room for improving your overall writing style and creativity, so do not give up until you find the perfect writing agency that will support you and guide you in the process of gaining content writing experience.

4. Create writing samples

By putting a lot of effort and thought into writing a few samples, you will, later on, save so much valuable time. Namely, by having ready and pre-written content samples, you can attach them to every job application that comes your way without losing time on writing more and new writing samples.

Make sure they are of excellent quality, and more importantly, they represent your writing style, skills, and creativity.

5. Publish your work online for free

The best thing to get noticed by a client is for them to see your work for free. Therefore, you can write a few articles or blog posts in your own unique style and way and publish them online on some career websites such as Linkedin, etc.

This way, you will be able to reach many more potential clients, and more importantly, you will not need to prove yourself and your writing skills as they will already see what you can do and how you write.

6. Take a content writing course

Finding and signing up for a quality writing course may be your most important step. By taking a content writing course that offers additional benefits, you will gain content writing experience and make some valuable contacts with potential clients that collaborate with the company behind the course. This way, if the clients like your job, they might hire you immediately after you finish the course.

Therefore, do good research, and see which content writing courses offer the best conditions for content writers with no experience.


In this article, you could have read the best ways how to become a content writer with no experience and gain some priceless knowledge in the field of successful content writing.


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