3 Basic Tips on How to Pose and Dress for a Business Headshot

by Business Planning 09 September 2019

Business Headshot

Are you getting ready for a business headshot? Whether it’s for a website, newspaper, or a company report, you need a photo that makes you look smart and neat, and at the same time, shows who you are.

Photographers know their way to capturing a good photo and you, as the main subject, got to have what it takes for a good shot. Below are some tips that can help you achieve that perfect and professional-looking business headshot.

3 Basic Tips on How to Pose and Dress for a Business Headshot:

Dress to Impress:

Imagine you are attending a job interview. You would want to look your best and give an excellent first impression on your interviewer. It’s the same with business headshots! These photographs will provide either a good or bad impression to anyone who will see it.

For men, a suit and tie will work best while for women, a smart blouse with a tailored blazer or just a short-sleeve dress that shows a good fit will always be stunning.

Remember to wear neutral colors such as white, black, gray, or dark shades of any color. Avoid wearing too bright or too colorful clothes for it might ruin the professional vibe of your photo.

If you take help from the Professional headshots Phoenix, you can go through a variety of professional headshots of executives, models, and actors and you can see how well they dress to impress as featured on their website.

Mind Your Posture:

Strike a pose by minding a good posture. Nobody wants to see a slouching businessman or an awkwardly posed executive. Make sure that your body is in the proper position whether they shoot you while you are sitting or standing.

To maintain a proper posture, keep your shoulders back and your chest out. You can choose to cross your arms (classic headshot) or relax them. Now, if you feel too pressured about being photographed closely, then you can try to move around to shake things up.

Photographers who provide professional headshots Phoenix are experts in making you feel comfortable and confident in your photo. Your professional headshot should not look like you’re frozen. Your photos need to look like you, and it needs to be natural and straightforward. Hiring expert photographers in Phoenix may be the right choice.

Don’t Forget to Smile:

A business headshot should have the right balance of both the professional and personal side of who you are. You need to show some attitude, and when you smile, you add your personality to your photo.

Show off a pleasant smile by first relaxing your face and then start with a closed-lip smile. As you feel more comfortable, do not hesitate to show some teeth but make sure that you won’t look too funny and casual.

For the best smile, make sure your chin is not too high or too low. You can do a slight head tilt or a slight movement of your chin to either side to show some angles of your face.

Your professional headshot can either make it or break it. Follow these essential tips, and you’ll see what a vast difference it can make to your photo. There are tons of other styles and techniques to a quality professional headshot, but these essential tips will surely give you a good start.

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