How To Choose A Business Alarm System To Keep Your Company Safe

by Business Planning Published on: 10 May 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

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A whopping 7,919,035 reported cases in 2017.

That’s how big the problem of property crimes is in the United States. And while the FBI reports show a drop in terms of burglaries and larceny-thefts, motor vehicle thefts continue to increase.

And the sad thing is, this number doesn’t cover all actual property crimes that occurred in the country. According to this report from the Pew Research Center, most crimes don’t ever make it to police reports. And the majority of those reported aren’t solved and closed.

All these should already prompt you to invest in a business alarm system. Because of these millions of property crimes, many are geared towards commercial properties.

After all, these organizations are in the business of making money – and that’s what many criminals are after.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Use this alarm system buying guide to start protecting your investments and your people ASAP.

Understand What a Business Alarm System Consists Of :

A key to ensuring you invest in the right commercial alarm system is to first understand what they can do. Knowing the extent of their abilities and functionalities can help you determine if a system offers only the basic securities.

At the same time, this helps you make sure the one you choose covers a much wider area.

The most ideal, robust office alarm system consists of the following technologies:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Shock sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Main control panel or keypad

All these components should then attach to the central alarm. Whenever someone or something triggers any of these sensors and detectors, they will send a signal to the alarm. The alarm then sounds out a warning of the potential threat.

Ensure the Greatest Detectability Functions from Each Alarm System Component :

Sensors and detectors are the primary component of alarm systems for business. They’re the parts designed to detect suspicious and potential threats. As such, you want to make certain you install at least one of each for the most common possible dangers.

Door, Window, and Motion Sensors :

Door and window sensors monitor movements and actions of these access points in and around the office. These switches can tell whenever a door or a window opens or closes. They’re usually mounted, with a magnet holding them close to the frame.

When an alarm-equipped door or window opens or closes, the switch relays the information to the main control panel. These are some of the most basic alarm system components but are also some of the most essential.

And don’t forget motion sensors, which detect activities and movements in large areas. You should also consider having one of these installed right outside the office. This way, the alarm system can notify you right away of a possible visitor – especially the unwanted kind.

Glass Break and Shock Sensors :

As the term already suggests, glass break sensors can detect breaking glass. They do so through a technology that lets them ‘hear or listen” to sounds of glass breakages.

As soon as these sensors detect the sound pattern of shattering glass, they notify the main control panel.

Shock sensors work on the same concept. However, instead of sound patterns from breaking glass, they listen to sounds that pounding and vibrations create.

Remember, criminals don’t just enter through windows and doors. They also like to use other access points. And this can mean forcing walls or roofs in to create an entry point.

Smoke Detectors :

Did you know that as many as 1,342,000 reported fires occurred in the country back in 2016?

Not only did these result in 14,650 individuals sustaining injuries. They also caused a staggering $10.6 billion worth of property damage. And the worst part is, these events claimed the lives of 3,390 people.

It’s for this reason that smoke detectors play a huge role in the effectiveness of a business alarm system. These technologies, designed to monitor for potential fire, can protect your assets, and more importantly, save lives.

Maximize Protection with Gas and Environmental Sensors :

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. But it’s highly toxic, having the ability to cause health problems and even deaths. It’s because of its lack of distinguishable characteristics that make it a silent killer in workplaces.

While not all offices have high risks of CO exposure, it’s better to equip your workplace with environmental sensors such as CO sensors. Other environmental sensors to consider investing in are those that monitor for sudden water presence or changes in room temperature.

You’ll find many of these safety and security essentials from the extensive product selection of Alarm Liquidators.

Your Alarm System Is Only as Good as Its Correct Usage :

Even the most expensive and extensive alarm systems can become useless if people don’t use them properly. The slightest mistake of forgetting to secure doors and windows can render a top-of-the-line alarm system moot. Or worse, forgetting to arm the main control panel itself.

What we’re saying is, as crucial as investing on a high-quality alarm system is training every one of its proper use.

To really get the most use out of this investment and keep everyone safe and secure in the workplace, your employees should know how to use the alarm system.

And of course, they should always comply with all your organization’s security protocols.

Protecting the Physical Workplace Is as Important as Implementing Cybersecurity :

In today’s exceedingly connected world, many organizations tend to focus on cybersecurity. And while designing and implementing cybersecurity protocols is indeed important, you should never forget the importance of securing the perimeter.

Always remember that it’s your responsibility to take great care of your people and clients. Never leave them at risk of dangers that criminals can place them in. So, as early as now, get the best business alarm system you can.

And for more useful tips and proper business practices, be sure to check our blog site out!

Here, you’ll find more ways to grow your business while ensuring everyone in your workforce remains safe and happy.

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