How to Successfully Manage The Business And The Family Together

by Management 06 May 2019

Time Management Tips

“Mompreneur- A Multi-Tasking mother who is successfully balancing her full-time work and business while caring for her family and children at the same time.”


The Rise of Working Mothers: A Positive Change

All over the world, more and more women are joining the workforce. They are not only working as salaried employees, but also are starting companies, and becoming entrepreneurs.

The imaginative term for women who are working but also catering to their families is ‘Mompreneur’. This is a recent coinage and one that is very positive and significant for the world.

According to an American Express Report, women entrepreneurs are owners of 30% of all Private Companies in the United States. This is a staggering statistic, one that has long term implications for cutting down gender disparities.

Being founders, owners and entrepreneurs have not stopped women to manage their households. Nor has this stopped them for looking after their kids. More and more women are multitasking successfully and setting examples every day. Most mompreneurs follow successful time management tips when it comes to excelling both at home and in the workplace.

How To Balance Time: A Few Tips and Tricks for Mompreneurs

Every mompreneurs biggest nemesis is time. There are just 24 hours in a day. To be successful, you need to exploit those 24 hours. Work, office, family, children, husband, self-time- all need to be compressed and addressed in those 24 hours.

To help all our Mompreneurs, we have put together a list of some top tips and tricks-

Adhere to a Schedule:

No matter how big the emergency is, after you come back home, keep your mails and your cell phones away. Giving that time to a family is critical in maintaining the balance. Decide on a shut off time- maybe 7 p.m. onwards.

One Day Off Per Week:

If you are a working mom, you need to take at least one entire day off from work for your family. During this day, you need to stay as far away from work-related matters as possible. This will help you unwind, recharge yourself, and give your family some much-needed time.

Say No To Micromanagement:

If you are an owner, you cannot do everything yourself. Outsourcing some work is a good idea. This will help you concentrate and focus on only the important aspects of your business. Step back and avoid micromanaging things. This will free up a lot of your time, which can be used to focus on your family.

Talk to your Husband Frequently:

Many mompreneurs talk about the support they have received from their husbands. It is important to set aside some time every week and sit down with your partner to discuss. This will help you keep a channel of communication open at all times. If your partner is caring, supportive and shoulders responsibilities, you have won half the battle.

Make your Children Aware:

Many parents think that their children do not understand their work. This is a wrong notion. Once you have made your child understand about the prestige of owning a company and running it, he or she will always be proud of your achievements. They will understand why their mother needs to work as much as she does. Talking with children early on is essential.

Mompreneurs: The Final Word

It is not easy to manage a full-grown business operation and a family at the same time. There are stresses and creases that are bound to come up. No matter how good you are at managing, problems, big and small, will keep arising.

The key is to always work out a solution, and keep moving forward. If you are able to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you might be able to pull off one of the most challenging roles for women in the world.

We wish all our mompreneurs all the best and hope that they keep excelling in their respective fields.

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