How Much Do Oilfield Workers Make?

by Job & Career Published on: 20 October 2022 Last Updated on: 12 January 2023

how much do oilfield workers make

The oilfield is one of the most significant industries in the country. Those countries make huge money from the oil industry, considered the richest countries in the world. For example, UAE. 

Now you may say, why? We all know that fuel and LPG gas are necessary in our daily life. Because many industries depend on the oil industry. Although, this industry makes huge money. Therefore, the country can invest money in other industries also. That is why job seekers always want to get a job in the oil industry. How much do oilfield workers make?

Let’s dive into the details of the job profile, salary structure, and job duties. If you wish to make your career in this field, make sure you know everything before jumping into it. So keep on reading till the end point of this article. 

What Does An Oil Field Worker Do?

What Does An Oil Field Worker Do_

Oilfield workers are responsible for making sure that gas and oil collect from the ground and preserved in the gas tank. They do a variety of tasks related to drilling the suspected ground, extraction, and production. 

They conduct everything from handling heavy equipment to maintaining the pipelines. Plus, managing other infrastructure. 

Oilfield workers may work on their team or own. Regardless of their job role, they need to handle complex machinery safely too. 

Oil Field Worker Job Duties

Oil Field Worker Job Duties

How much do oilfield workers make? Before getting the answer, one first has to know the duties of the oilfield workers. Oil field workers have a wide range of responsibilities in oil industries. Some of them are:

  1. Installing all types of equipment, for example– valves, pipelines, and other equipment, to ensure that gas and oil flow smoothly throughout the system. 
  2. Monitoring oil wells to ensure that they produce at optimal levels. 
  3. Plus, monitoring water levels to ensure underground storage areas do not run dry.
  4. Repair existing oil pipelines or install new ones to connect new oil wells. 
  5. Repairing damaged equipment to restore oil and gas production. 
  6. Compressors, storage tanks, and separators are the major equipment repair or installations. 
  7. Using shovels and sledgehammers or power tools to drill new wells. 
  8. Always cleaning up oil spills to prevent damage. 
  9. Plus, collecting samples of oil to test the composition and quality in order to determine whether it can be used as fuel. 

Oil Field Worker Salary & Outlook

Oil Field Worker Salary & Outlook

How much do oilfield workers make? It depends on the position and experience. Hence, it is a complete fieldwork job, and an experienced candidate must be required. However, the salary depends on: 

  1. Candidate’s field experience. 
  2. The type of oil they are working on. 
  3. And the company. 

Median Annual Salary: $43,678 ($21/hour)

Top 10% Annual Salary: $81,000 ($38.94/hour)

It is expected to grow the placement of oilfield workers. Recent reports present that every company enhances its business and they require more workers per unit of output. 

Moreover, every country expects that over the next 10 years, more employment will be needed to fulfill the demand of the country or world.

How much do oilfield workers make— let’s take a look at how much money oilfield workers make an hour in certain opposition.

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Gas Plant Operators

Gas Plant Operators

A gas plant operator’s average salary is$89,000 per year. Their salaries range from $58,000 to $144,000.

What Responsibilities Gas Plant Operators have? 

They have the responsibility for the production, transportation, and storage of various types of natural gas. This can includes responsibilities such as: 

  1. Monitoring
  2. Cleaning. 
  3. Preparing equipment
  4. Observing pressure
  5. Monitoring the temperature and flow of the gas
  6. Recording data

Why Can They Make This Much Money?

If you think that this job is easy, it is just observing and monitoring, then I would like to inform you that this type of job requires potential in multiple aspects.

These operators are working around H2S gas which is highly corrosive, flammable, and poisonous. It is dangerous If it is exposed to a leak and anyone works without proper safety. Plus, the high pressure of pipelines also increases the chance of risk to those oil field workers.

These dangers reflect their salary to the operators.

Drilling Engineers

Drilling Engineers

The average salary for drilling engineers is around $117,000. Their salary ranges from $75,000 to $242,000.

What Responsibilities Drilling Engineers have? 

The drilling engineers have the responsibility of designing the equipment and creating procedures for the most efficient, safest, and effective ways to drill wells.

Plus, they monetize the willing operations.

Why Can They Make This Much Money? 

There are multiple reasons companies pay lucrative wages. The significant reason is supply and demand. Drilling engineers play the greatest role in producing oil. Plus, it is a position where workers need a lot of education, knowledge, and flexibility to work for long hours in remote places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You have reached the endpoint of this article. Now, you have the answer to how much do oilfield workers make. You must go through the below questions, which readers have frequently asked regarding this matter. 

Q1. What Is The Highest-Paying Job On An Oil Rig?

The highest paying job in an oil field is drilling consultant. They earn money annually from $143,000 to $305,000. They supervise the daily operations and consult on the number of drilling issues. 

Q2. How Much Do Canadian Oil Field Workers Make?

Canadian oil field workers make $23 per hour or $44,850 per year. An entry-level position starts at $40,950 annually. While experienced workers make $65,000 annually. 

Q3. Does The Oil Rig Work Hard?

Yes, it is hard. Compared with other fieldwork, oil mining and drilling need physician labor for long hours. An average oilfield worker does 7 to 8 hours work for 7 to 14 days without taking any off.

Final Words!

How much do oilfield workers make? It depends on the companies, departments, and workers’ experiences. However, I have discussed everything about it. 

Now, let me know what you think —- will you want to make your career as an oilfield worker? Let me know in the comment section. However, if you have any more questions, you can ask below without any hesitation.

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