Is Oilfield Services/Equipment A Good Career Path?

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Is oilfield services/equipment a good career path?

Is oilfield services/equipment a good career path? The answer is yes. Oil and gas services offer various types of jobs that are for beginners to experience. Along with the job’s versatility, this industry is growing and expanding. The oilfield industry has higher growth potential. The industry expert thinks the industry will grow by 12% within the next ten years.

Hence, the industry of oil fields and oilfield work keeps changing. This is why every job seeker who likes to explore this field should be well aware of the changes and upcoming projects of oilfield services.

Let’s see first what the oilfield services/equipment services are. These ideas are going to give you the best understanding of why oil & gas production is a good career path.

What Are Oilfield Services And Equipment?

What Are Oilfield Services And Equipment?

Oil services and equipment are a company that provides tools and equipment to oil extraction companies. Oilfield services refer to the companies that provide the equipment and services for oil extractions and other extraction-related solutions. 

The basic functions of an oil & gas production company are to look after the whole operation and make things work without any other interventions. This can involve work in a production testing company Alberta (or one closer to you) where you will work to maintain a profitable oil and gas operational infrastructure. Alternatively, it could be working within the well construction, and production and completion services industry.

Now you know what the basic functions of the Oil services and equipment company are. This is the time to move on to the next part of the queries. And explore the answer: is oilfield services/equipment a good career path?

Is Oilfield Services/Equipment A Good Career Path?

Asking the answer for is Oilfield services/equipment a good career path and asking is very genuine for any passionate job seeker. This industry offers different high-paying jobs; hence there are various types of physical fitness required to meet up the industry requirements.

 How much does an oil field worker make? A professional oil field worker is making $59,500 a year. And the people who are in the Oilfield services/equipment also earn as much as the oil field workers. But what types of skills do you need to have?

Here are some of the skills every oilfield service equipment worker should have.

Communication Skill:

Communication Skill

Every oilfield work is teamwork. Unless a person doesn’t have communication skills, they are not going to be a team worker. 

At least problem-solving related to necessary communications is required.

Technical Skill:

Technical Skill

Good knowledge of the equipment and their usages are musts. In addition, the technical skills and ability to use different types of tools and equipment are adding advantages for your oilfield work. 

Most of the oilfield service persons have to use computers, software, and different operating tools along with additional equipment.

Physical Stamina:

Physical Stamina

Do you not have enough physical stamina and are not physically fit? And want to know Is oilfield services/equipment a good career path. Then I must say no, this is not going to be a good idea for you. 

As much of the heavy machinery is part of this industry, you have to move the machines from one place to another. So your physical fitness is very required.

Problem-Solving Skill:

Problem-Solving Skill

This field is versatile, and every worker needs to have good problem-solving skills. The pieces of equipment sometimes malfunction. The oil field workers need to find multiple ways to find solutions. 

The creative part of the mind is also adding advantages. So you should have problem-solving skills and a calm mind to repair the items.

Are having any of these qualities, then I must say this industry is just for you.

Now move on to the next part and see examples of the oilfield services and equipment jobs.

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Job Examples Of Oilfield Equipment/Services

From drilling to excavations, every skill is required for oilfield workers. Feeling excited to know how many jobs are available in oilfield services/equipment.

Here are some of the equipment types which are available in the oil field services. If you want to enter this department, then you will get ideas about what types of equipment you have to use.

  • Pump enclosure.
  • Equipment for solid and well control.
  • Pumps
  • Premix tanks
  • Oilfield trucks and manifolds.
  • Flair boxes and lines.
  • Mud Vacum 
  • Pipe holder
  • Light towers and other site lights.

How Many Job Types Are Available In Oilfield Services/Equipment?

How Many Job Types Are Available In Oilfield Services/Equipment?

When you understand, the answer is yes, for is oilfield services/equipment a good career path. One parameter is high pay, and another one is an easily available job. The oilfield services and equipment industry is full of versatile jobs, but two of them are such lucrative salary structures.

What are those two? And how much do oil field workers make? Check out!!

Core Driller:

The core driller is one of the most attractive oilfield service equipment service jobs. The best part is you can do the job from anywhere on earth. If you are searching for jobs in this field, then knowing oilfield services/equipment a good career path. Core driller jobs are one of the most promising job types in this department.

Core drillers use different drilling machinery and motors. Every part of the other areas remains in a good state. Can you guess what a core driller of the oil and equipment department is making in a year? Hold your heart and see.

Core Driller Of The Oil And Equipment Field Average Salary: 

The salary for oil and equipment will lie between 39,299 and $64,509 in a year.

Oilfield Equipment Technician:

Oilfield equipment technician jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in the field of services and equipment. But the challenges of this job profile are also undeniable. The technicians have to work in a challenging atmosphere without even water or electricity.

There are serious challenges the technicians have to wear safety equipment. As they have to be close to the oil rig, there is always a chance of poisonous gas leakage.

Oilfield Equipment Technician Of The Oil And Equipment Field Average Salary: 

They are making $75,802 in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the questions the new job ventures are frequently asking before exploring the oil and equipment field.

Q1: What Kind Of Work Do The Workers Have To Do In The Oil Field?

The workers in the oil industry are responsible for transporting the oil and gas from the ground to transportation. 
The operations in the oil and gas industry do almost everything from drilling to transportation. The transporting of the raw materials to processing and leak fixing everything of the critical in oil and gas field workers look after the structure.

Q2: What Are The Job Roles Of The Field Specialist In The Oil And Gas?

The field specialist is in charge of everything which is going on in the oil and gas field. 
Everything comes under the Oilfield service field specialist job profiles, from troubleshooting to technical processing. The client interactions come under their scope of work areas. 
The average salary of a field specialist in the oil and gas field is $77,140 per year.

Wrapping It Up!

I think you already get the idea about why the answer is yes Is oilfield services/equipment a good career path? Along with the high salary pay, the industry is offering versatile work areas as well. This is the most attractive part of this industry. If you are thinking of entering this department, then this is the right place to start with. High school certifications are enough to start your career in this field. You just have to nurture your passion. That’s all. Which types of jobs do you prefer in the oil field services? You can share your opinions through the comment section.

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