3 Ways Coding Classes Prepare Kids for the Tech Future

by Job & Career Published on: 18 January 2023 Last Updated on: 27 December 2023

Coding Classes

There’s a huge difference between knowing that coding will be a vital skill in the future and knowing how to code. Everybody understands that computers and smartphones will continue to dominate our culture and economy, but fewer people know how to write code. Understanding the importance of coding for the future is one thing; however, knowing how to start coding is a different skill set altogether. While it’s widely acknowledged that computers and smartphones will play a crucial role in our culture and economy, the ability to write code is still a less common skill.

Let’s check out three ways that coding classes today prepare kids for the tech future.

In-Demand Coding Languages

In-Demand Coding Languages

We may not know exactly what the programs, video games, websites, and apps of the future will look like, but they’ll be written in popular coding languages. Some coding programs teach kids merely what coding is like by focusing on programs like Scratch, a drag-and-drop tool that simulates coding but is never used by professional coders.

Instead, it’s better to look for a coding class that focuses on in-demand languages, even for students as young as six or seven. Don’t settle for a coding class unless it teaches:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

There should be room for students to grow within each language as their skills, confidence, and experience expand and improve. After they’ve established firm command of a coding language, they can move on to the next one.

Choose a coding class that teaches the coding languages that power things like Minecraft and Netflix. That’s what employers will expect them to know one day.

Kids Love Video Games 

Kids Love Video Games 

Extracurriculars for kids need to be fun, no matter how productive or beneficial they are for their development. If you’ve ever unsuccessfully tried to pry your child from a video game, you know what stronghold games have on kids — just wait until you see how much children love coding games!

Kids need strong motivation, and creating and designing their own video game becomes their own type of game, especially when the program embeds gamification concepts into their pedagogy. The same dynamics that get kids hooked on playing video games will be used to make learning more engaging.

Your child will love it, and it will improve how they retain and absorb the class material.

Small Classes with Young Teachers

Small Classes With Young Teachers

Even the best teachers are helpless when a classroom has too many students. Such atmospheres breed disturbances and classroom management issues.

Each student deserves their teacher’s full and undivided attention so they can learn to code at a manageable pace. Look for an online coding class with a maximum of four students per teacher, so instructors can focus on the course material instead of wasting their energy getting rambunctious students to behave.

The best coding courses tend to hire teachers who skew on the young side, often undergrad students in computer science or computer engineering. Such students also grew up playing video games, so their passion will trickle down to their pupils.

Finally, the best online coding courses have no minimum requirements, so parents know the session will run as scheduled when they book it, even if their child is the only student. After years of disruptions to school-related scheduling, parents will surely appreciate predictability.

It’s not enough to know the future will be written in code; instead, it’s better to learn the code. Just make sure your coding class delivers on all of the above.


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