Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

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is natural gas distribution a good career path

Is natural gas distribution a good career path? Many new job venturers like to know the answer to this question as natural gas distribution is a very good career option. As most people are not aware of the best ability of the jobs in this sector. Are you one of those who would like to start their career in the natural gas distribution sector? Then read through the end of this article, and you will know why and what types of best-paying jobs are available in the natural gas distribution sector.

What Is Natural Gas Distribution?

What Is Natural Gas Distribution?

Natural gas is transported through the networks of pipelines. These systems are running to deliver natural gas throughout the country. The distribution is operating and maintaining the whole complex structures of the systems.  

As these sectors are coming under the everyday essentials, it offers multiple secure job types. You will get in- depth knowledge when you are going to see multiple high-paying jobs, and you will get more ideas about is natural gas distribution a good career path.

The regular works of the natural gas distribution sectors are to distribute and maintain the pipeline distribution infrastructure. And monitor the conditions and perform the maintenance of pipelines. Safety and security maintenance also come under their scope of work.

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

Yes, natural gas distributions are good career options. Natural gas is a common power source, so it comes under the basic requirements of the people. This career path is also offering many high-salary paying career options. 

You will understand is natural gas distribution a good career path while seining some of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution sectors.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution Sectors

Natural gas distribution is a whole industry. So there will be multiple new job options from experienced levels to the entry levels.

Here are the ten best-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution sector. Read it and decide for yourself is natural gas distribution a good career path or not.

1. Gas Service Managers

Gas Service Managers

A gas service manager looks through the whole operations of gas service equipment. From operations to coordinating things comes under the job scope of the gas service managers. They coordinate with the department and make sure the service runs in smooth order.

The experienced gas service manager’s salary ranges are $135,018 and $173,553.

2. Engineers And Boiler Operators

Engineers And Boiler Operators

The stationary engineer’s and boiler operator’s job profiles are associated with the utility and manufacturing facilities. They are operating and maintaining the machines which are actually transporting the natural gas from one place to another. The stationary engineer and boiler jobs are full-time. When you are an electrical or instrumentation engineer, you should n ask about is natural gas distribution a good career path. You will get multiple opportunities here.

An engineer and a boiler operator are earning more than $63,500 per year in 2022

3. Gas Technician

Gas Technician

A Gas technician’s job is to take care of the installation and maintenance of the gas pipelines. They are also looking after the safety and security of the Gas distribution systems. A gas technician must do the work in any climate and environment. But to enter into this field, you have to complete a training program or earn a relevant degree in this relevant field.

Gas technicians’ salaries lie between $43,460 to $90,740 per year.

4. Machinery Maintenance Workers

Machinery Maintenance Workers

Gas pipeline machinery maintenance workers are taking care of maintaining and repairing the pipeline systems. The pipeline systems are the mediums of transporting natural gas. These pipelines regulate the natural flow. But the salaries of these sectors depend on the experiences of the workers. In an emergency situation, sometimes overtime hours are also required.  Do you want to start your career right after your high school degree and think is natural gas distribution a good career path. To become a maintenance worker, your high school degree is enough, so there is no double. It will be a good career option for you.

One experienced maintenance worker can earn more than $ 53,570 per year.

5. Gas Pipeline Fitters And Plumbers

PIipefitters and plumbers are another essential part of the gas distribution sector. Pipeliinefitters and plumbers interpret the blueprints and analyse the pipeline specifications and repair the pipeline. Gas pipeline plumber’s jobs are a little bit risky. So when you are starting this job, you have to wear safety gear because natural gas is a highly inflammable item. So the plumbers and fitters all require proper training to handle natural gas.

Pipeline and plumbers can earn an average of $59,880 per year.

5. Welder Fitters

Welder Fitters

The welders, cutters, and welder fitters of natural gas distribution sectors are responsible for the installation and maintenance repairing of the natural gas pipeline. To become a welder fitter, a high school diploma is enough. The new construction of pipelines also comes under the scope of welder filters and cutters, so what are you thinking is natural gas distribution a good career path or not? With all these learning opportunities.

A welder fitter in the natural gas distribution sector earns about $47,010 per year.  

6. Stock And Material Movers

Stock And Material Movers

The labour workers and materials movers are taking care of all the material moving works in the natural and distribution sectors. The main job of the stock and material movers is to move the materials around the storage facility and monitor the performance of the individual equipment. Both of the job facilities are there, from hourly shift to permanent job facility.

A stock and material mover can earn about $47,010 per year in the natural distribution sectors.

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7. Forklift Operators

Forklift Operators

Forklift operators are moving a large volume of natural gas within the pipeline. Forklift operators operate and maintain all gas transporting and equipment. Forklift operators earn on an hourly basis. For becoming a forklift operator, a regular school graduation degree and training are required. But the salary structures are entirely dependent on the employers and the experience of the operators.

Any Forklift operator can earn more than $40,003 per year.

8. Distribution Expert

Distribution Expert

The primary job of distribution experts is to oversee the whole distribution system in specific areas. Their jobs are to deliver the gas and maintain the safety protocols. They are ensuring the transportation and coordinating with the other departments.

If you want to be a distribution expert, then is natural gas distribution a good career path is a good question you must ask. Apart from gas, many other utility sectors also offer the jobs of distribution experts.

Distribution experts earn a salary within the range of $60,000-$80,000 in a year.

9. Transportation Manager

Transportation Manager

A transportation manager job is also counted as the highest paying job in the natural gas distribution sector. A transportation manager takes care of transport-related jobs in the distribution sectors. They are ensuring the safe transportation of the gas and other gas distribution equipment. Even if you do not want to start your career in the regular transportation sector, here you will get multiple other options. So what you are thinking is natural gas distribution a good career path for you.

A natural gas distribution transportation manager earns $100,090 a year.

10. Accountant


As distribution sectors are similar to the other sectors. So every other job and position is also available like Hr and the account. Accountant jobs are also relatively high-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution sector. The jobs of the natural distribution sectors are to take care of all employee payments and salary pay options. They are keeping track of all payments of the employees.

The average salary of the natural gas distribution sector’s account managers is $118,080 to $177,120.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Which Countries Are Best For Natural Gas And Oil?

Ans: There are four countries that are best for oil and gas jobs.
1. United Arab Emirates
2. Oman Saudi Arabia
3. Qatar

Q2: How Many People Are Employed By Natural Oil And Gas?

Ans: There are almost 324,319 people employed in the gas and oil industry in the US, according to the record of 2022.

Q3: What Is The Natural Gas Industry Growth Potential?

Ans: Every year the natural gas demand rises. According to the new gas market report, the global gas market is growing from 140 billion cubic metres. By the end of 2021, that demand will increase by 170 billion metres.

Wrapping It Up!

I think you get the answer for natural gas distribution a good career path. Yes, natural gas distribution sectors offer multiple high-paying jobs. So if you are thinking of starting your career in this sector, first finalise where you want to start. Apart from the engineering and managers jobs, applicants do not require any specific qualifications. Just applicants need to have a graduation degree, that’s all. So which career do you want to select? Share your opinion through comment sections.

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