How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2019?

by Marketing Published on: 16 July 2019 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

Marketing has been around us for a very long time now, but a significant digital marketings expansion happened in the last few decades. We’ll mention that 76% of people that were a part of the Adobe’s Digital Distress survey in 2013 said that marketing had changed significantly in the past two years. Much more than it did in the last 50 years. Digital marketing companies in Dubai support this claim since the expansion they had in recent years was challenging, but also very rewarding.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing branch of marketing. With technology advancements, digital marketings advance as well. In 2018 people had the chance to see numerous technological innovations, but if they are implemented into digital marketing, a lot will change for digital marketers. Today we’ll talk about the changes we can expect to hit every digital agency Dubai as well as those around the world, bringing a new way of performing digital marketings strategies in 2019.

What Can We Expect?

With ever-advancing technology, digital marketing will thrive as well. For example, think about the Artificial Intelligence technology presented last year. What if we could find a way to implement AI in digital marketing services? Can that be done? How can it help digital marketing strategy planning? We’ll talk more about these fantastic ideas in this article, but before we start, take a look at what Neil Patel had to say about the digital marketings changes that we can expect in 2019 by following this link.

What Will The Future Bring?

Future Bring

Will influencers still have a significant impact on your marketing campaign? Read through this article to find more details about how can influencer marketing help your brand. As we already know, the future is uncertain. But thinking about how digital marketings evolved so far, we can assume that new technologies will bring new ways of using digital marketing services in general. We’ll mention some of the predictions for the digital marketing changes we can expect in 2019.

Virtual Or Augmented Reality Within Digital Marketings

Did you ever think about the amount of power your marketing could have if your potential customers were able to experience and test the products without making any sort of commitment in the first place? Think about this, since this will be possible as soon as virtual reality hits digital marketing campaigns. By eliminating any risks that your prospects take when they’re buying your product for the first time, you’ll allow your campaign to bring in even more potential buyers than it would without applying the augmented reality technology into your digital marketing strategy. Augmented reality can insert any object into a real-life setting. Swedish company IKEA has created a first augmented reality app that allows their buyers to place a piece of furniture in the room they want, and see how it fits and how it looks like before they decide to buy it. This allows potential buyers to experience the buying without actually making a purchase. Virtual reality, on the other hand, will enable people to experience how it would feel and look like to drive a car through the mountain landscapes without setting foot in the vehicle. Volvo used Google CardBoard to present the users with the experience of how it would feel like to drive the Volvo XC90 luxury SUV using virtual reality.


Both technologies have an increase in usage over the past few years. A survey performed by eMarketer stated that 48.1 million Americans would experience augmented reality once per month during 2018, which will further rise to 54.4 million in 2019. When it comes to virtual reality, 36.7 million Americans will experience it in 2018, with the expected rise up to 49.2 million in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Digital Marketings:

The power of AI has become massive, and this year, it’ll present us with what it can do regarding the retargeting, click tracking, push notifications, customer segmentation, etc. and all of these services will be combined without limitation of the potential it has. Artificial Intelligence is even able to create content, which is a significant effort for every digital marketings agency Dubai, as well as others around the world. Blueshift made a study proving that 28% of marketers use AI for product recommendations, while 26% of them use AI for optimizing their campaigns. Artificial Intelligence inside digital marketing is known for creating more leads to sales, but it can also help you improve your customer service.

Chatbots Inside Digital Marketings:


Humans are known to be social creatures meaning that we enjoy interacting with others by hearing and seeing them. Since AI has improved significantly over the years, chatbots became a crucial element of communication with potential buyers through basic conversations. That way, chatbots will interact with your customers through your website and give them all the necessary information. Nevertheless, your business can have live support, but chatbots can help significantly in the sense of cutting the response wait time, etc.

Which digital marketing strategies should you implement in your business? If you are unsure about making this decision, contact our digital marketing agency Dubai and talk with us, not our chatbots. Share your ideas and wishes with us, and we’ll come up with the perfect combination of implementing all the new-age digital marketings steps into your business.

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