20 Business Ideas for 2020

by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 05 December 2019 Last Updated on: 16 March 2020

Ah . . . a new year. And with it comes new possibilities. While everyone else is setting New Year’s resolutions like losing weight or quitting vaping or taking their cat on more walks, all you can think about is escaping your nine-to-five grind. We’re living in the gig economy, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make a little cash with a side hustle or go all out and take a shot at being your own boss. To get you started and follow 20 business ideas for 2020.

Here are the 20 hottest business ideas and opportunities of 2020:

business opportunities

1. Vending 

Vending is a $7.7 billion industry. So, yeah, it’s a good business opportunity. But, in today’s health-conscious world, traditional vending machines stocked with sugar-filled candy bars and greasy potato chips are quickly falling out of fashion. So, consider vending healthier options. Healthy YOU Vending is the leader in the healthy vending industry. It helps its independent operators offer healthy snacks, drinks and even entrées to the locations they serve. With a business opportunity that offers franchise-like support and coaching without the fees, it’s hard to beat.

2. Driving

Ridesharing apps make it possible for practically everyone with a car and a driver’s license to make money giving rides to anyone with a smartphone. According to a recent survey, 36 percent of U.S. adults used a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft in 2018. That’s more than twice the number who used them in 2015. As ridesharing continues to grow, it can be a profitable side hustle, or even for some, a full-time business.

 3. Freelance Writing

Have a knack for prose? Leverage those skills to make money on the side, or even to start your own entrepreneurial venture. The number of websites in the world changes every second, but it’s well over 1 billion. And do you know what they all have in common? They need content. And you, as a writer, can fill that need. Just have a portfolio of your best work ready to show prospects and start making those contacts.

 4. Drop-Shipping

Drop what? As a dropshipping company owner, you don’t stock inventory or actually handle the products you sell on your company’s website. Instead, you act as a middleman between a third-party supplier or manufacturer and your customer. The supplier or manufacturer of the products you sell on your website ships them to your customers straight from their warehouse. All you need is an e-commerce website, a business plan, a supplier partner and a comfortable pair of pajamas.

5. Blogging


Are you a loyal coin collector? Passionate about cooking? Wild about rare chicken breeds? There are, seemingly, blogs about everything, and an audience for all of them. Creating a website to host your blog is relatively easy with tools like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace. Then, all you have to do is write. And it’s fun to write about those things you love. Monetize your blog through selling advertising space, or with affiliate links, to related products or services in your content.

 6. Freelance Programming

Have mad programming skills? Use them to help those companies that don’t have, or can’t afford, an entire IT team to meet their website and development needs. Often, these organizations will have very specific tasks or projects they need to be completed. Plus, websites like Upwork and Fiverr make it relatively easy to find freelance jobs.

 7. Life Coaching

Are you a natural motivator? Do you live by the words of Viktor Frankl, Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, and Jen Sincero? Or do you have a lifetime full of valuable experience to share? Help those looking for a figurative kick in the pants by starting your own life coaching business.

8. Personal Training

Personal Training

Help people lose weight, gain strength, train for an event or just improve their overall wellness with your knowledge of all things health and fitness. Currently, you aren’t required to have a license or training to be a personal trainer, but you should really consider completing a certification program to ensure the safety of your clientele. There are online programs, like the National Academy of Sports Medicine, that can get you certified in only 10 to 12 weeks.

 9. Tutoring

Are you an intellectual? Love math? Science? English? History? According to the National Tutoring Association, tutoring is a $6 to $8 billion industry. Enter this rewarding and fulfilling industry by starting your own tutoring business.

 10. Dog Walking

Because who doesn’t love our furry friends? And a good walk. But hiring a dog walker isn’t just for those with absolutely no time to walk Fido themselves. The fact is, dogs need a lot of attention. Being cooped up all day can lead to both physical and behavioral problems (no, we aren’t talking about sitting in an office all day). Being a dog walker means you can give those neighborhood pups much-needed respite from their spot on the couch waiting for their owners to return home from work.

11. Housekeeping


Some people find that keeping up with housework is just too much with their busy schedule—and that’s understandable. But that’s where you can, ahem, “sweep” in with timely cleaning solutions. Set your own schedule. Work weekends, mornings, nights or whatever works for you and your clientele.

 12. Crafting

Turn that hobby you’re so good at into a part- or full-time business. Because why not? Using sites like Amazon, Etsy or eBay to sell and market your wood, paper, glass, leather, etc., crafts can be fun and rewarding.

 13. House Painting

House Painting

Do you like house painting? Are you good at it? Good. Most people don’t. And aren’t. Put those skills to good use. Owning your own house painting business comes with relatively low overhead and is easy to market through Craigslist or other local classified sites.

14. Resume Writing

Job seekers rejoice! No more coming home from that job you can’t stand and spending your free nights laboring on a new resume and cover letter. The fact is, few like working on these job application necessities. If you have a knack for crafting an unmistakable personal brand and selling it through personalized resumes and cover letters, starting a resume writing company could be just the opportunity you’re looking for. And, no, you don’t even have to apply for this job!

 15. Lawn Mowing and Yard Care

It only takes a lawnmower, a trimmer, some hand yard tools and someone willing to pay you to not get their shoes stained green.

 16. Car Detailing

Anyone can take their car to a car wash. But who has time for that? Consider starting a mobile detailing business to take the clean right to your customers.

17. Event Planning

Are you a born organizer? A master of time management? Are the fine details your fixation? From planning weddings to executive retreats, event planners are responsible for ensuring important events go off without a hitch.

18. Translating

Are you fluent in a foreign language? What about sign language? Starting a translation service shouldn’t be a stretch then. Consider specializing in a specific industry, like healthcare or legalese, to fill a need in the community.

 19. Sewing

From making quilts and crafts to repairing and altering clothing, use those ninja-Esque sewing skills to start a part- or full-time business. Many in today’s world are becoming more environmentally conscious and will happily pay to repair their favorite pair of pants or jacket instead of tossing them out, just to buy new. If quilting or crafting is more your speed, use sites like Amazon, Etsy or eBay to market and sell your creations.

 20. Hairdressing

Get paid to make people look and feel their best by starting your own hairdressing business. As an added benefit, you could set up as a mobile operation and go to your clients. Or simply do it out of your home.

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