Face Value: What Flexible Workers Can Do If They Fear Being ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’

by Business Development Published on: 21 September 2022 Last Updated on: 14 November 2022

Flexible Workers

The advent of remote work was seen as a major improvement in the work-life balance debate.

It is, for many people, making it possible for them to balance caring for others with earning a living. Companies saw this as a cost-saving measure that would also benefit their employees.

Research on the effects of remote work on employees, however, is very conflicting. Along with the advantages, academics have noted drawbacks, such as a growing sense of isolation and a worry about getting passed over for a promotion.

So what can flexible workers do if they fear being out of sight, out of mind? Read on for some ideas. 

Keep An Open Line of Communication 

The first point is for managers. In fact, managers have a big part to play in ensuring their remote team members are engaged. 

When members of your team feel heard, they feel more invested in the group’s success. It’s crucial for every business, but especially companies with distributed teams, to foster an environment of open communication and constructive criticism.


Maintaining regular check-in meetings can help you keep tabs on whether your team members have everything they need to give 100 percent. One of the best tools to do this is Microsoft Teams (https://www.gamma.co.uk/products/microsoft-teams-telephony/). 

Create an environment where employees feel safe asking questions and voicing concerns on a regular basis without worrying about repercussions. When workers believe they can give honest criticism to management, they are more invested in the company as a whole.

Ask For Feedback

Something that a team member can easily do is ask for feedback. Providing regular feedback is another strategy to boost employee involvement and communication. Providing your remote staff with constructive criticism is a terrific approach to demonstrate your appreciation for their efforts and learn where there may be room for improvement in their job. Constructive and sincere criticism is always welcome.

Ask For Feedback

Team members and employees will be on the same page regarding performance standards, and employees will be less taken aback by any unfavorable remarks if you implement a culture that fosters frequent feedback when working remotely.

Be Clear In Communications 

The ambiguity of online conversation makes it easy to misunderstand one another. Because it’s often difficult to convey emotions through digital channels, it’s important to be as precise as possible when communicating with others.

Clear In Communications 

Make use of video conferencing to get in touch with your remote personnel on a regular basis, and make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them. This kind of interaction can keep workers on track and make them feel like they’re part of something bigger.

As for the team members themselves, it’s crucial that if you are working remotely and anything is unclear, you ask the question, and you get that all-important clarification. 

Be Flexible 

Provide your staff with some leeway in their working hours. Particularly helpful for remote workers who need to care for children or other family members throughout the workweek, flex time rules allow employees to choose their own schedules.

Be Flexible 

This has the potential to enhance worker satisfaction, provide a more healthy work-life balance, and facilitate the employee’s ability to adjust to life’s inevitable ups and downs. With these perks, your staff might feel more invested in the company’s success and valued as individuals.


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