11 Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today     

by Business Planning 14 June 2022

Business Ideas

Taking the new “normal” into account is critical if you are thinking of launching a business in 2022.

The pandemic transformed the ways people use products and services. If you’ve always wanted to have a restaurant or start a retail business, now might not be the best time. Consider a business that could support people the way they live now, given how much has changed.

You need solid business ideas regardless of the industry or niche you choose. However, you won’t need to do anything but create a website to realize many of the ideas in this article.

Here Are Some Useful Small Business Ideas You Can Start Today:

Useful Business Ideas

1. Reselling on the Internet

If you’re passionate about sales or clothing, consider becoming an online reseller. It takes an eye for fashion, dedication, and time, but it can quickly become a full-time business. In the beginning, you can sell your unwanted clothing using online stores. Eventually, you can expand to your own reselling website.

2. Consulting

This can be a feasible option if you possess insight into an area like social media, communication, HR, marketing, or leadership. You’ll be your only employee at first. With time, you can hire other consultants.

3. Developing Apps

Smartphones have increased the demand for apps. Likewise, VR software has become quite popular, and many organizations want VR app developers.

4. Medical Courier

You can open a courier service if you’re well-organized and have a reliable vehicle. You will be transporting prescription medication, lab samples for testing, medical equipment, and other medical items. This can be a stable source of extra income because the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly.

5. Cleaning Service

If you’re good at cleaning, it can become a great side hustle, all the more if you actually enjoy cleaning. With some transport, cleaning supplies, and a few helpers, you can offer cleaning services to businesses, residential complexes, and homeowners.

This type of business typically comes with low overhead costs. You need some marketing, devotion, and planning to attract clients.

To set yourself apart from other cleaning services, add external power washing, floor waxing, or another unique service for an extra fee. It could make the difference between you and an established market player who has too many customers to offer cleaning on that level.

6. Food Truck

Pandemic measures may be lax now, but you never know what the future holds. Indoor dining could become limited as soon as this fall. A food truck can be a lucrative small business idea. Food trucks serve all kinds of cuisines and snacks and come in all sizes. You could market your favorite foods to hungry customers. This will give you a chance to connect with like-minded people and make money.

The food industry is growing, and truck maintenance and overhead are far lower than for a proper restaurant. Mobility is an extra benefit.

7. Join a Ridesharing Service

As the service is responsible for the overhead and running the company, you can work as much as you want. Lyft and Uber are always looking for people willing to drive and inclined toward friendly chatter.

As a rideshare driver, you won’t need to manage heavy logistics, but you will retain the independence of a small business owner.

8. Provide Lawn Care

Do you know how to maintain a lawn? Lawn care is a pain in the neck for many homeowners. If you can provide lawn care and feel it offers a sense of peace, know it can be profitable. Working outdoors is another bonus. 

You don’t need much more than a trailer and some basic equipment. If your client list grows, you can hire helpers. A small lawn care business can grow into a landscaping company by establishing a good reputation and offering premium services.

9. Become a Real Estate Agent

It can be overwhelming to navigate the real estate market. Real estate agents help people find new homes to rent or buy.

The only prerequisites to do this job are to take a few classes and pass the final exam. You need social skills and attention to detail. Agents with a personalized approach are lacking on the market as many are too focused on their commission fee and tend to neglect the customer’s property selection criteria.

10. Launch a Dropshipping Service

Dropshipping is a service where you fulfill orders through a third party. That party is usually a manufacturer or wholesaler. It’s a great small business idea because it requires minimal inventory and tools.

11. Pet Sitting

Almost 70% of US families have a pet. A pet sitter gives them much-needed peace of mind when traveling for extended periods. Pet sitters watch dogs, cats, or other pets in the customer’s home, provide them with food and water, spend time playing with them, and walk dogs.

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