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For productive and efficient performance, L&D programs are critical. Having learning and development opportunities at workplaces enhances the growth chances for employees. Learning and development programs are more likely to encourage employees to be engaged in their jobs when provided by their employers. 

A strong emphasis on learning and development can also help to improve retention.

5 Great l&d Platforms


Here you are going to know about the five l&d platforms that are actual examples of great learning and development programs. Most businesses have adopted these strategies to assist their employees in learning, growing, and developing their skills.

1. Adaptive Lab

Adaptive Lab provides the team with the tools and resources they need to incorporate L&D programs into their daily routine. Investing in the senior team’s growth and development, increasing peer learning activities, and providing regular feedback motivates and promotes mentoring and coaching across all specialties and levels of the organization. 

Individuals can better focus their efforts and progress toward present and future career goals when they have regular development talks utilizing specialized tools, such as their Skills Matrix and team behavior charter, developed by the company. In addition, surveys of team engagement help ensure that all the parts are in place for a productive and happy team.

2. Etsy


People at all levels of the organization are allowed to learn from their colleagues. Professionals at Etsy School both support learning and teaching in classes on various topics, such as tap dance or how to negotiate a challenging conversation. 

The Etsy L&D team assists people in determining a direction for their professional development.

3. AdRoll

AdRoll recently launched an internal “Women in Leadership” L&D program to encourage more women to take on leadership roles. Women who are accepted into the program receive specialized mentoring, training, and encouragement to pursue leadership possibilities. The program’s objectives are to:

  • Invest in female employees and help them grow.
  • Develop a workflow of strong female leaders at AdRoll.
  • Establish a group of mentors to develop our female talent at AdRoll, and challenge participants to grow as leaders, think differently and collaborate to create a common vision for their teams and AdRoll.

4. Zulily

Zulily L&D’s approach is reflected in offering its employees access to more than 400 online and in-person courses – including an eight-course program for managers designed to help them become more engaging and effective leaders. 

A job changing and rotation programs are also available at Zulily to help employees advance their careers. Zulily’s monthly university series, in which they bring innovators and executives from various industries to present to employees, is one of its most popular initiatives.

5. Galvanize

Galvanize provides an annual learning passport program, in which each employee can spend up to $1000 each year on a program that will assist them in learning and progressing in their current position in the l&d program. 

Additionally, the advantage can be extended to industry conferences and courses, professional publications and journals, and certification and licensing exams and certifications. Finally, galvanize has built a database of what workers have done with the money to generate ideas for other staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is a training program, and how does it work?

We define a training program as a task or series of activities that comprise completing one or several courses to enhance a group’s effectiveness, creativity, skills, and expertise. It is typically a low-budget project with a flexible timetable and budget.

b. What is the purpose of learning and development programs?

Learning and development assist businesses in attracting and retaining top personnel, increasing employee satisfaction and morale, increasing productivity, and increasing profits. Additionally, organizations with actively engaged and dedicated employees report a 41% reduction in absenteeism rates and a 17% increase in productivity.

c. What are career development programs?


Employees benefit from career development programs and offerings that assist them in improving their performance in current roles, navigating organizational hoist, obtaining unique insights into their potential needs, and enhancing their ability to advance their careers when the opportunity arises.

d. Why do firms invest in learning and development for their employees?

L&D programs enable you to develop the skills of each employee by strengthening the skills that are currently in place. 

A development program raises all employees’ skill and knowledge levels to a higher degree, ensuring that they are all on the same page. Consequently, any weak links within the organization that rely heavily on others to execute primary work responsibilities will be reduced.

e. In what ways do training and learning differ from one another?

Information and knowledge are imparted to trainees through voice, written word, or other ways of presentation in a manner that is intended to instruct the recipient of the information and knowledge. 

Essentially, learning is the act of assimilating knowledge to enhance skills and talents and put that information to use in various settings and situations.


l&d programs are building a powerful bond between the employers and the employees. This is the reason when you are incorporating the l&d programs. In addition, you are positively taking the initiative for skill enhancement. So keep maintaining these factors and share your experiences related to the l&d programs.

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