What Are The 2022 Trends In Employee Recognition Programs?

by Business Development 28 November 2022

Employee Recognition Programs

Statistics have shown that approximately 46% of people who quit their jobs do so because they feel undervalued and underappreciated. In the same survey, 65% of respondents said they would work harder if they felt like management recognized their efforts.

In other words, employees are generally more likely to enjoy higher job satisfaction, be more productive, and be more motivated if they receive praise and appreciation for their work.

Therefore, business owners and employees must invest in a thoughtful and consistent employee recognition program, which is critical in ensuring productivity at work and general business growth.

In a few moments, we’ll share insight into the trends of employee recognition programs in 2022 to give you some inspiration for your organization.

Employee Recognition Programs: A Quick Overview

Employee recognition programs are organizational initiatives that aim to motivate employees by rewarding them for their diligence and dedication toward achieving company goals. In other words, employee recognition means expressing appreciation towards your workers for their efforts and accomplishments.

By recognizing employees for their work and wins, you motivate both the receiving party and other staff members to do better.

Here are four primary types of employee recognition:

  • Informal recognition
  • Formal recognition
  • Social recognition
  • Monetary recognition

However, employee recognition programs today should not be limited to when a worker does something exemplary. You should also recognize and reward project milestones, work anniversaries, and other related workplace successes.

That said, what should you include in your employee recognition programs? Keep reading to discover some inspiration.

Here are four popular trends in employee recognition in 2022:

1. A more significant push toward digital adoption

digital adoption

The upward trend of remote work and hybrid teams has led to more widespread adoption of digital solutions in day-to-day business across more organizations. From business community platforms to project management and automation tools, digital solutions are now a crucial part of life as we know it.

In the same way, employee recognition programs have also gone digital.

It’s no longer enough to simply print a “Best Employee of the Month” design and let it be. Today, businesses ensure they send personal emails to recognize their exemplary employees and post about staff success on company social media.

2. Gamification


You’ve probably experienced several real-life applications of gamification — from the app that tracks your daily steps to the application that helps you learn a new language.

But what exactly is gamification?

Gamification is incorporating elements of gameplay — leaderboards, points scoring, goals, etc. — into other aspects of life, say work.

With gamification, you can enhance your employee experience as it can make boring tasks seem more interesting while recognizing workers who rack up the most points during a business period, say, a fiscal quarter.

In addition, gamification can introduce friendly competition in the workplace while eliminating bias, as there’s no human influence in point allocation.

3. Peer-to-Peer Recognition

While awards, recognition, and appreciation from managers and higher-ups in your organization feel amazing, sometimes the feeling is more satisfying when they come from your peers.


You interact more closely with your colleagues. Therefore, they are the ones that see you every day putting in the work, upskilling, and going over and beyond to meet your deliverables. Since they have a close-up view of your work journey, having them appreciate your efforts can be a significant moral boost.

That said, one of the best ways to inspire peer-to-peer recognition is to organize casual office parties or hangouts where employees can speak about what they like about their colleagues. Also, you can replicate such an environment on your virtual community platforms if your team works remotely.

4. Leverage digital gift cards and vouchers

digital gift cards

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff, especially when you’re getting it as a reward for a job well done?

Today, vouchers can be a great way to appreciate your staff as it helps them spend less money while shopping. By rewarding employees with gift cards and vouchers, you show them that you value their work while also providing an opportunity for them to treat themselves to something they like.

However, there should be an element of personalization with gift cards and vouchers. While one employee may love Amazon gift cards, an Apple gift card may resonate better with another.

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Bringing It Together

Undoubtedly, employee recognition programs are vital in improving employee retention rates while boosting productivity and general work experience.

Therefore understanding the trends of employee recognition in 2022 can prove critical in helping you formulate or adjust programs that show how much you value and appreciate the contributions of your staff.

We hope this article has given you the insight you need. Do let us know if you have more questions, though.

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