Is Modicare A Trustworthy Company? Must-Read Guide For 2022!!!

by Investing Published on: 25 January 2022 Last Updated on: 26 January 2022


Modicare products have become a household name in the Indian Market. Since its inception in 1996, it has been performing well in the market. But is Modicare Limited a trustworthy or fair company? We will analyze that in our article today. Stay tuned with us and read till the end.

What Is Modicare?

What Is Modicare

Let’s begin our guide on Modicare with a brief description of the company.

Modicare Limited or Modicare is a Non-Govt company that came into being on 12th July 1973. It is registered in Delhi Registrar Office. This belongs to the category of “company limited by shares” and is a public unlisted company. The type of products it sells includes foods and beverages, fashion, multi-level marketing, consumer products, and cigarettes. The brand is incredibly committed to providing higher customer satisfaction and superior quality products.

What Benefits Can You Enjoy From Modicare?

Modicare Products List With Price 2022

Modicare Products List

Modicare is not a multinational brand; despite that, it’s performing incredibly in the domestic market. Furthermore, it is acquiring global recognition day by day due to its awesome service as well as expansionary business policies. Its vast product stock includes over 275 products, 12 categories, and 600+ SKUs.

Did you know that it has a national presence through 9000+ distribution points and 50 Modicare centers? That’s pretty stunning but to date, this is one of the biggest milestones of Modi Care. 

Do you wanna know about Modicare products list with price 2021? Below, we have jotted down the 12 best Modicare products from all the 12 categories. Do check them out:

Categories  Products 
Personal Care  Freedom Sanitary Napkin (Regular
Health And Nutrition  Premium Protection Mask 
Skin Care  Schloka Moroccan Argan Oil Scrub
Urban Color  Too Good To Be Matte Lipstick, Pro White Fresh Radiance Day Cream 30g
Food & Beverage  Soul Flavor’s Cow Ghee
Homecare Stericlean Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner
Autocare  Auto Wash Advanced Auto Shampoo
Technology Mighty Guard Mobile Security 
Jewelry Rani Pendant And Earring
Watches SM Mens Blue Bezem With Leather Strap Watch  
Agriculture  Activmax
Laundry Care Washmate Delicate Liquid Detergent For Woolen & Delicate Fabrics

This Modicare product list is a sample version of their actual one. If this list has piqued interest within you, get your hands on them today only.

What Other Ventures The Company Is Focusing On At Present?

Ventures Modicare

The above list of products and categories is not the end. Recently, their product base is expanding along with brands and categories at the same time. Over the last 25 years, several Modicare products have been successful in the market.

One such prominent example is Modicare Noni juice in the Health & Nutrition category. This immunity booster still now holds an appreciating position amidst top-notch competitors. Apart from this, Velocity men grooming products are on the top of the successful Modicare product list. In their last annual meeting, the company’s investors have decided to launch some more brands and expand their product base. It is thus evident the company is stressing more on various microenvironmental factors.

How To Contact Modicare Customer Help Team?

Are you scared of thinking if you get any defective Modicare products? Not to worry because their customer helpline team is always ready at your service. Here are the channels through which you can contact them:

  • Azadi Call Center All-India Number:- 0124-6912900
  • 011-66623000

What Disadvantages You May Endure While Shopping With Modicare?

An organization does not run on good terms only. There are also some negative sides which need to be highlighted before availing services from them. Below are some disadvantages of Modicare limited that you must know in 2022:  

  • High product prices
  • Shortage of stores
  • Delivery beyond the estimated timeline
  • Non-cooperation from customer service team sometimes

Is Modicare A Legit Company?

Is Modicare A Legit Company

Modicare till now does not hold a global presence like Walmart but the rate at which it is expanding is amazing. To answer the question of whether it’s a Legitimate company, my answer is YES, it is a trustworthy company. The 5 C’s of marketing framework they follow are lawful and reliable. Here are a few points about their transparency that I would like to mention:

  • They will not deliver you any Fake Product.
  • They will not steal your money or do any other kind of scam
  • Although Modicare delivery timeline is sometimes too lengthy you will get your product if you can hold a little patience.
  • No ethical issues have come up till now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What Is The Rank Of Modicare In The World?

Modicare holds the 5th position in the list of India’s 50 Great Mid-Size Workplaces according to the Great Place to Work Institute. 2021 was their second consecutive award-winning year. Additionally, the Great Place to Work Institute recently gave Modicare 30th rank amongst the top 100 best Small and Medium Workplaces in Asia.

Q2. Are Modicare Products Indian?

Modicare was founded in 1933 in New Delhi, India by Gurjarmal Modi. The company is at present 88 years old. The key people in the founders’ team were Lalit Modi, Samir Modi, and Ruchir Modi.

Q3. How Does Modicare Make Money?

Their main income source is the retail profit. The company mainly sells retail products and this is their largest source of income. Since Modicare Limited has significant brand value, its retail income is also high.   

Q4. Are Modi Care Products Certified?

The types of products it sells are Food and Beverages, Fashion, Multi-Level Marketing, Consumer Products, Cigarettes, etc. The company itself has an ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate. Their principle is to stand behind product quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Q5. What Is The Closest Modicare Store Near Me?

There are at present 40 centers with a Pan-India presence, more than 100 products, and 10000 active consultants. You can get the answer to your question ‘ Closest Modicare Store Near Me ’ via this store locator link:

The Verdict – Is Modicare Really Trustworthy?

That’s all about the company Modicare Limited. It is possible to conclude that the company is legit and trustworthy as well. As you have seen the Modicare products list with price 2022 is so diversified, you can always give it a try. Nonetheless, considering the returns and refund-related issues, that’s a serious problem that you have to tolerate. Still, their trustworthiness is something that I will appreciate at the end of the guide.

Overall, I am giving a big fat THUMBS UP for Modicare Limited. Try their products out and do not forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment area below.

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