6 Ways That Using Increase Employee Survey Response Rates Can Make Changes In Your Company

by Business 22 October 2021

Employee Survey Response Rates

If you are trying to learn more about your employees – if they are happy, unhappy, or somewhere in between – you need to use a survey. By conducting a reliable survey that promotes honest answers and transparency, you can learn the ins and outs of your business.

Figuring out why employees may be unhappy is key to figuring out what to change in your business – after all, you want a low employee turnover rate. Keeping employees for longer periods shows higher satisfaction levels with their job and fair treatment in the workplace. Conducting surveys and gaining truthful responses is key to figuring out why your employees are satisfied with your business – and what they would want to change.

But how do higher employee survey response rates help your business? By learning the best ways to increase employee survey response rates, you can figure out how, when, and where to make changes within your business. Is your management staff treating the employees unfairly? Is your pay scale unfair? Are your employees happy with their schedules? Find out the positives and negatives of your business by conducting a survey!

What can I learn about my business? Figure out how to increase employee survey response rates to delve deeper into your company

Get feedback

Get feedback

One of the main reasons that you should try and increase employee survey response rates is so you can gain valuable feedback from those working in your company. If no one answers the survey, you don’t know what to change. However, if 80% of your employees give you accurate feedback as to what they want to have changed, you can make alterations based on the direct feedback from your employer. This way, you are showing your employer that you care about their voice and you are listening to what the year is saying!

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Higher employee retention rates

If you show that you care about your employees and you give them the time of day, this means that you have a higher likelihood of them staying in your business for the long haul.

What you need to fix in your business

What you need to fix in your business

Employee survey response rates mean that you can figure out what they do not like about working in your business – it can be anything from the daily schedule, weekly hours, or management staff.

Aspects the employees like

By learning how to increase employee survey response rates, you can figure out what your employees like about working in your business!

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Which employees are succeeding 

Which employees are succeeding 

You can learn about what employees are succeeding in or putting thought into your business by reading the responses – if your employees are not giving honest answers, you may need to speak with them in person.

Figure Out the outliers

If you find that only a few employees are concerned about certain aspects of your business or that a few are apathetic about certain issues, then you might need to speak with them in person to see why they feel this way.


Learning how to increase employee confidence response rates is the best way that you can learn more about your business, figure out what is working, and figure out how you can make your employees happier at your company!

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