How To Start A Grocery Delivery Business? Best Guide Of 2022

by Business 21 May 2022

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The Coronavirus pandemic brought us to the verge of quarantine for 2 years long. People’s staying at home for this long caused drastic changes in the market of the grocery system. Thus, the unexpected rise in the graph of on-demand food delivery services accelerated the trend of doorstep grocery delivery.

Although the impact of Coronavirus gradually decreased, the trend of grocery delivery service became the new norm. The products covered various perishable to non-perishable, fruits to spices, beverages to packaged food, and whatnot.

So, if you aspire to start this business in 2022, here is a complete guide.

Frame Your Business Model Before Starting A Grocery Delivery Business

Frame Your Business Model Before Starting A Grocery Delivery Business

Your online grocery delivery business must have a sustainable business plan that provides consumers with an excellent experience. The fundamental of this business lies in acquiring the items from a vendor and delivering it to the customer.

Nevertheless, you should be precise about this business model’s aspects.

1. Delivery Model Of Your Grocery Delivery Business

First comes the delivery model, which determines your long-run relationships with the customers.

For example, search for “what is the best grocery delivery service?” You will find some business giants names like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, etc. The reason for them reaching this height is their delivery model as a customer-centric company.

Therefore, your delivery model is the key to providing a great experience to your customers. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Tie up with vendors to let people choose their items from their preferred vendors. Thus, the listed vendors get a notification through your app every time they receive an order. Next, they can proceed to execute the delivery process.
  • The second scenario is an alternative to the first one, where you just keep the items in your delivery app. In this way, your customers will choose their required groceries, and you get to choose the stores or vendors.
  • In the last scenario, you can start your online grocery delivery business as a grocery store owner. Also, in this case, customers will choose items delivered from your store. Thus, you will have complete control of the inventory, order receiving, delivery, and profit.

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2. Revenue Model Of Your Grocery Delivery Service

Now that you developed a marketplace for your grocery delivery service, it is time to plan your profit. Of course, the most convenient way of revenue generation is commission. Nevertheless, you have other modern ways to draw profit to scale your business apart from this traditional one.

  • You can charge a commission from the vendors on each sale they make from your delivery service app. The app will automatically deduct a percentage from each transaction and send the rest to the sellers.
  • In the following scenario, you can draw the commissions from the buyers by charging a convenience fee on their purchase. It makes the model simpler where the customers already pay the price on their order. Thus, a percentage of that fee gets credited to the marketplace owner or, in this case, your account. The model best applies to store owners who are providing grocery delivery service.
  • You can also draw profit from vendor membership fees. It works the best with vendors who are comfortable with fixed subscription charges instead of commission.
  • Lastly, you can charge money from vendors who want to run their personalized ads on our app.

Start A Grocery Delivery Business: Step By Step Process

Start A Grocery Delivery Business

Check out the following steps to start your grocery delivery business:

While starting a grocery delivery business, get the registration part done with a chartered accountant.

Step 2: Find Your Targeted Audience

You must know the order traits or food habits of people in your locality. For example, if you look at Walmart grocery delivery, they have a considerable number of customers with a vast array of ordering traits.

It impacts the items they stock up and deliver. Similarly, knowing your customer helps identify the high-demand items.

Step 3: Finalize Where You Want To Deliver

In an era of people searching for “grocery delivery near me,” you have to close to your audience. If you want to spread your wings wide across your city, tie up with vendors from various areas. That is how you will be able to deliver items to your customers regardless of their location.

Step 4: Work On Inventory Management

To run your grocery delivery business seamlessly, you have to manage your inventory. Either you can stock up your own warehouse or tie-up with reliable vendors for inventory management.

Step 5: Procure Your Funding

Remember, grocery businesses run on paper-thin margins. Therefore, you just need enough funding to cover the costs of packaging, transportation, and inventory.

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Step 6: Choose Payment Methods

To grow a reliable grocery delivery service, you must think for the mass. The most accepted payment method for the mass is Cash on Delivery. It will also help hustle-free cash flow and avoid deductions from transaction fees.

Step 7: Develop Your Website Or App

Your delivery service app is the face of your brand. The reason why Amazon grocery delivery is one of the outstanding services is their website and app.

They have a crisp and convenient user interface with all the options that their customers might need. You must follow in the footsteps of such extensive delivery services by creating an app that serves your customer the best experience.

Step 8: Gear Up Your Marketing Strategy

You have to focus on your marketing strategies to reach a larger audience. To do so, you can start online marketing and paid campaigns. Also, reaching out to emerging influencers and asking for a review will help you reach their audience.

Things To Consider For Grocery Delivery Service

Things To Consider For Grocery Delivery Service

After reaching this part of the article, you are almost ready to launch your own grocery delivery business. Before that, check out these few things to consider:

  • Paying attention to developing a long-term relationship with your customers is the most important part of your business. Therefore, try to give your customers a great experience with their ordering.
  • The next vital aspect is to execute the order that enhances your and the customer’s relationship. You can make the happy by your quickest delivery option, best if same-day delivery.
  • You must facilitate your customers with the convenience of fast payment through payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How To Acquire Sellers For My Grocery Delivery Business?

First of all, you must approach grocery sellers open to door-to-door delivery services. You can approach grocery sellers who are already active in other marketplaces. In addition, approach them with an additional support system, exclusive offers, and buyers on the go.

Q2. Can I Register My Grocery Delivery Business On Google Marketplace?

You can register your grocery delivery business on Google marketplace once you are legally registered. Get guidance from a chartered accountant or tax expert to get your tax registration done.

Q3. How Can I Find Customers For My Grocery Delivery Service?

A strong marketing strategy will help you acquire customers for your grocery delivery service. Make use of social media marketing, ad campaigns, and influencers collab.

Q4. How Much To Tip For Grocery Delivery Service Drivers?

If you wonder how much to tip grocery delivery drivers, the answer depends on many factors. However, you can generally tip 20% of the total bill for their service.


So, that is all for a thorough guide to starting a grocery delivery business in 2022. Precisely discussed aspects in this article help lay down the fundamental idea. So, now you can go ahead with your grocery delivery services, considering the favorable options available to you.

If this has been helpful to you, share these words with your colleagues and friends. Also, consider giving your other articles a read.

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