10 Business Office Decorating Ideas

by Management Published on: 11 May 2018 Last Updated on: 18 September 2018

Office Decorating Ideas

Employees who have control over the layout of the office/workspace are 32% more productive.

It is important to keep employees happy. It, therefore, follows that business office decorating ideas from staff regarding their individual workspaces should be taken seriously given the implications they carry.

The individual workspace decor can then be added to that of the larger office, which takes more work to create. Here are ten principal office decorating ideas for the office that we have to take into consideration.

Let’s dive in!

1. Go for the Best Lighting :

No beautiful furniture, color scheme or type of organization can make up for poor lighting. Work can’t be efficiently performed if the lighting is poor no matter how aesthetically pleasing an office is.

Natural lighting is better than artificial lighting. Therefore, one should ensure all the windows are open to ensure as much light as possible gets in. Since its inevitable that one will have to use artificial light as well, it’s important to go for high quality. Indirect lamps are also a good purchase instead of regular generic fluorescents.

2. Creative Use of Color :

Every list of business office decorating ideas should include a section that expounds in greater detail how best to use color given its significance. Color can be manipulated creatively in several ways.

Painting Walls :

While we might be tempted to take a few liberties painting each wall differently, it’s important not to mix white/ light neutral colors with dark/bright colors. White and light neutral colors have the effect of making offices seem larger than they actually are. White and light neutral colors thus get the priority when it comes to walls. Dark and bright colors can be reserved for the furniture and accents in the office as well as other decorations.

Color Scheme :

The colors chosen for the color scheme should be consistent with the one’s brand colors. Workspaces, however, can be spared of this and warm tones used instead. Warm tones would be an ideal choice since they’ve been found to boost productivity which is the ultimate goal.

Create your Color Story :

It’s essential that the colors you choose are in harmony with one another. We should always do the planning of colors we plan to use beforehand instead of figuring it out as we go. The planning not only helps us avoid a clash of colors but also allows us to create beautiful color stories.

3. Incorporate Works of Art :

Incorporating art pieces as one of our business office decorating ideas can be used to achieve more functions if creatively used. Art contributes to the aesthetic feel of an office and makes it more intriguing and unique. Nevertheless, it is important too;

  • Bring in large pieces of art as opposed to small art pieces given the former make your office space seem larger than it actually is.
  • Bring in the art that is by definition ‘proper art’. Corporate art doesn’t cut it given the cold, impersonal impression it gives off. The right kind of art will spark interest and give your office the personality it needs.

4. Allow Employees to Personalize their Spaces :

Employees who have a say in the decorating of their workspaces are more productive. We should, therefore, let employee personalize their own workspaces according to their own spaces. Telling them that they should feel free to hang up objects, i.e., mementos, art pieces, etc. that motivates them will also go a long way.

It also helps to get some feedback from the employees regarding what decorating ideas to incorporate into the office. Feedback can also extend to the additional tweaks that can be added to selected ideas to make them better.

5. Creative Use of Furniture :

Office decoration concerning furniture should include the following considerations;

  • Comfort comes first- An uncomfortable chair will eventually result in a dip in the productivity of an employee. How good it looks will pale in comparison to what one stands to lose.
  • Thus comfort trumps aesthetics for practical reasons. We should always make a point of testing potential purchases before investing or if possible browsing ergonomic options.
  • Incorporating adjustable desks- Adjustable desks have the advantage of increasing the comfort level of employees. The comfort is achieved by giving employees the freedom to move about which eliminates the tedium of having to sit in one place all day.
  • New isn’t necessarily better- While the immediate temptation might be to buy brand new furniture, one can get much more from older furniture. Instead of buying expensive furniture, we can always go searching in antique stores.
  • The advantage of doing so is that it’s cheaper given all additional costs only have to do with upholstery and painting. In addition to that, the variety of beautiful furniture you find frees the office from the tedium of uniformity. There’s beauty in variety.
  • Embrace minimalism- For those of us with small offices, one must consider the limited space before making a purchase. Large furniture will take up most of the space and leave the office cramped. A better move would be to buy smaller furniture.

6. Decorating should extend to the Bathroom :

The bathroom is an integral part of the office environment as any other. This importance derives from the fact that going to the bathroom is equal in significance to other vital functions, e.g.,

eating. Functions that have a bearing on our productivity.

The management and design of bathrooms are, as a consequence, not to be taken lightly. So much that an expert on supplies for use in commercial bathrooms might have to be brought on board. Business office decorating ideas that directly concern the bathroom include;

  • Use of colors in the bathroom- Making use of light colors in the bathroom has the effect of conjuring feelings of cleanliness which contributes to a calming effect. One should also seek light surfaces that don’t show dirt easily given most light surfaces do.
  • Handle the issue of smells- Allowing all manner of smells to pervade the bathroom can make for a harsh working environment. The situation is made especially worse if the problem is left to worsen over time. A good measure would be to acquire a number of air fresheners in addition to regular rigorous cleaning.
  • Handling the acoustics- We all want the assurance that we are completely alone when we are in a stall. Ensuring the doors and partitions are as high as possible will assist in fortifying the feeling of assuredness.

One can also install speakers in the bathroom to provide the necessary white noise that will drown out every other noise. Once the music is coupled with full-length partitions a sense of privacy and comfort is achieved.

7. Take Advantage of Attractive Views :

Great views make for great office environments owing to the refreshing views. In such an event, one should endeavor to ensure all the windows are clear and unobstructed.

A great view works in perfect harmony with a well-decorated office space by serving to enhance its overall aesthetic effect. One can also go a step further by employing the use of window treatments to make them more conspicuous.

8. Make the Best of the Space you have :

Business growth comes with increased functions and personnel that all have to work within an office space that isn’t expanding. The only option in such a scenario is to make the most of the available space to make it accommodating. Browsing the catalog of any web furniture store can help a lot in your space planning.

A fact that should also be seriously considered when coming up with business office decorating ideas.

  • Vertical Storage- Tall shelves use less floor space. The savings made can be used for something else.
  • Proper management of clutter- A unified, organized system where every employee differentiates between essential files, documents and clutter helps to reduce the strain on storage. A reduced strain on storage contributes to savings in space.

9. Improvements to Supplies Management :

Office redecoration concerning supplies management will involve;

  • Color coding- Color coding the various items that constitute office resources helps to insert a sense of organization and cohesion in the office space. The enhancements will have the desired effect on office appearance while also improving the efficiency of workflow in the office.
  • Place all supplies in a central location- The ideal location for all essential office supplies, e.g., printers are at a location that is easily accessible to everyone.

10. Change is Good :

There is always a new business office decorating ideas to apply in spite of previous endeavors. It is also inevitable that our needs and preferences will change over time. The same changes apply to our employees as well.

One should, therefore, make it a priority to constantly update various aspects of the office to reflect these changes. The aspects in question could include the furniture, the artwork and the choice of colors of paints on the walls.

Office Decoration can be a Challenge :

The best business office decorating ideas won’t save you from the reality that decoration can be a tedious affair. A fact that rings especially true in work involving the bathroom where one will need the right supplies at the right price.

In such a situation, having a partner that has experience working on projects involving both private and commercial bathrooms will be a great help.

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