8 Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment and Keep Employees Happy

by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 15 August 2018 Last Updated on: 20 April 2022

Positive Work Environment

Did you realize that 79 percent of American workers quit their jobs due to a lack of appreciation?

If you are a small business owner, the main concern you should have is keeping valued employees loyal. Creating a positive work environment is one of the best ways to keep morale high and turnover rates low.

While creating a positive office environment may seem like a relatively easy task, it is anything but. Generally, a lot of trial and error will have to take place in order to find the “sweet spot” regarding your office environment.

Read below to find out about some ways to improve your work performance and environment.

1. A Positive Work Environment Starts With Flexibility:

Being accommodating is one of the main things you need to focus on as a business owner.

If an employee needs some time off of work to deal with personal issues, you need to try and facilitate this request. However, there is a fine line between accommodating an employee in need and giving in to an employee who is taking advantage of your kind heart.

Are you looking for a way to both lower overhead and provide employees with more flexibility?

Allowing your team to work remotely is a great way to accomplish both of these goals.

Staying in constant contact with remote employees will keep them on task and productive.

Utilizing the power of video chatting technology can help you get face to face interactions with your remote workforce.

2. Institute a Paid Time Off Program:

Creating a paid time off program for employees can improve your work atmosphere greatly.

While most people enjoy working, they also like getting time off to spend with their family.

You need to show your employees how passionate you are about helping them create a proper work-life balance. The last thing you want to do is burn your team out due to overworking.

By rewarding loyal employees with paid time off, you can let them recharge their batteries and come back to work refreshed. The money you pay for these days off will be worth it considering the increase in productivity they can help produce. However, make sure you use software to handle time-off requests properly.

3. Avoid Micro-Managing: 

Making your employees feel like they are constantly being watched can backfire in spectacular fashion.

Constantly hovering over employees will make them resentful and may lead to them seeking out another job. If you can’t trust your team with simple tasks, then it may be time to re-staff.

By letting go and allowing your team to do their job, you can reduce the stress you feel as well as provide your team with a better work environment. It may be hard to stop being a micro-manager, but it is necessary for improving employee relations.

4. Always Treat Your Team With Respect:

Some business owners/managers have a hard time talking to their team with respect. Making an effort to treat everyone with respect not only helps you but will also allow you to create a winning company culture.

If an employee is negligent in their duties, you need to calmly speak with this them.

Having a “three strikes and you’re out” rule in place is essential.

This rule will put your employees on notice that you have a zero-tolerance policy for negligence.

Being fair but firm with your team can help you and them greatly.

5. Have Fair Expectations For Your Team:

Creating unrealistic expectations for your employees is a recipe for disaster.

Not only will these expectations create strife, but they can also make your team feel worthless. Setting milestones and goals is important, but there are right and wrong ways to perform this task.

When creating expectations for your team, you need to make sure they are the same across the board. Expecting more out of one employee puts undue pressure on them and may make them feel unappreciated.

Having goals and expectations in place allows you to show employees what is expected of them.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things:

Oftentimes, business owners get stuck in a pattern of behavior.

Failing to try new things can lead to the growth of your business becoming stagnant. Showing both employees and consumers that your company is willing to take chances is important.

If you are unsure about the type of improvements you need to make, consult with your team.

Generally, employees will have a number of suggestions on how to improve a company’s work environment.

Allowing someone with an outside perspective to weigh in on company changes can help you see things in a new light. Asking employees for this type of input will also make them feel like their opinions are valued by your company.

7. Take Time to Listen:

Listening to the concerns or problems your team has is also something you should take seriously.

Usually, you will notice a number of warning signs when employees are starting to become complacent or disgruntled. Recognizing these signs and taking action is the only way to avoid losing valued employees.

Conducting one on one employee meetings on a regular basis is a vital part of improving your work environment. During these meetings, your employees will be able to give you information regarding the problems they are currently having.

By listening to these problems and coming up with comprehensive solutions, you can increase the positivity in your existing work environment.

8. Focus on Comfort:

Taking stock of your existing office furniture is essential when trying to improve your work environment.

If employees are being forced to sit on chairs that are uncomfortable, chances are they aren’t too happy. Investing in high-quality and ergonomically designed office furniture is well worth the money.

Trying to find out more about how to choose the right office furniture? If so, there is some great information regarding the selection of office chairs you can view here.

Information is Key When Trying to Create a Positive Work Environment:

Treating your employees with a high level of respect can go a long way when trying to keep them loyal. A positive work environment is the cornerstone of any successful business.

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