Fire Safety – What Realtors Should Know?

by Real Estate Published on: 11 January 2017 Last Updated on: 17 April 2019

Fire Safety

Somebody who is selling a fishing gear deserves to know the right way of baiting the hook, so a realtor who sells a property must be aware of what is needed by code so as to protect that house and the people living in it from fire. Is there any moment you encountered that a home survey was conducted for somebody who simply bought a house and when it comes to a smoke detector, it was found that the house is equipped with just one.

With that, the buyer will wonder why you failed to let them know about it and so, you will surely get a lot of phone calls from the buyer, finding a way if they can back out and get their money back or you offer them another house of the same price but with better fire alarm system.  In this scenario, the realtor is supposed to be a pro in the eyes of his clients only if he just gave time to check the house and ensure that it is equipped with good fire alarm system. It will make the homeowner believe that you are a real professional.

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Understanding the fire code fundamentals is not hard though the codes can be a little different from one jurisdiction to another, yet they are based on the federal fire code. Through having even just a little knowledge about what was needed to protect the entire property from fire, a realtor can really set himself apart from others and be recognized as a true, credible professional. First of all, you need to be aware and sure whether the system has been interconnected or the system was monitored and managed by a security firm.

One of the things you need to look for will be to find out whether they come with a security system or not. A monitored fire system makes use of a similar control panel with the security system. The next thing is that you have to ensure that the smoke detector works. If the company that leases security systems installed this system, they might have disabled it when the previous owner left the house or the system was removed as per the request of the previous property owner.

Do not forget to check on the small LED red colored light on a smoke detector of the house is lit. Most of them just blink around every 30 seconds so you have to look up and observe the red light that might seem like it will take time to blink. It is powered on when it blinks and it does not mean it is working, but it just means it is powered yet if it has power, it would work as expected.

In testing the smoke detector, you may choose to simply recommend to the owner of the house to have it cleaned and maintained by a professional. When you want to go deeper and have the detector tested, you can do just a simple test, climb up with a ladder and press the test button. It will let you know if the system is powered and if it can make a sound to warn people but will never let you know if it can detect any smoke.

For your peace of mind, make sure that the property you would be selling is complete with the needed fire alarm tools and equipment that can be purchased from Fire Protection Online. This way, you will be certain that the buyer will be satisfied with their new house.

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