Sharper Focus on Fire Safety in All Building Trades, Products

by Real Estate 22 January 2019

Fire Safety

If you’re considering which type of windows will be best for your home or other building, you’ll have a few important factors to consider. Of course, you’ll work with your glass professional to choose products to give your property a great appearance. That’s a given factor.

You’ll also make your selection with comfort and efficiency in mind, two of the key elements in window selection.

The newest technology used for windows is much more effective at helping you control heat and air-conditioning. In larger installations, the 10% to 15% energy savings can be more than important. This one factor can make or break a project, just as the selection of other materials and products can.

Maintenance, Value:

Depending on the specific building type, you should also consider the maintenance process when selecting windows. Of course, this is an issue as it was decades ago when frames were wood or metal that needed to be painted or otherwise maintained.

Property value is another factor to consider when making your initial choice. Choosing the right windows – for appearance and structural integrity – will preserve the actual value of the building and maintain the public perception of quality and comfort.

But, there’s a factor you may not put at or near the top of your priority list if you’re the property owner. This element, in fact, maybe one your architect, engineer, and builder will be acutely aware of.

The Report:

Cutting right to the heart of the matter, consider this one paragraph:

“Fitness-for-purpose of the building and its separate parts, especially products, will be more emphasized than before Grenfell. The Hackitt Report has given a clear direction. And, as the conclusions hit home, it is likely that there will be more rigour in enforcement and a sharper focus on fire safety than might have been the case before the review was published.”

Read the full report at

For those who aren’t familiar with this 2017 event, a 24-storey block of flats in North Kensington, West London caused the death of 72 people. Dozens of others were injured, while more than 200 escaped the “deadliest structure fire in the United Kingdom” since 1988.

As is the case in most events of this magnitude, government officials and industry professionals make the effort to determine causes. This includes a focus on prevention, and rightfully so. The report also states:

“The main intent of the review is to focus on high-risk residential buildings (HRRB’s) which mainly refer to towers but can also include other types of residential buildings where the dangers of fire could cause serious injuries and loss of life to those who live in the buildings. The conclusions are being taken to apply generally across the built environment. Giving voice to residents of such buildings is given particular attention, so that they can express their fears and observations with better chances, if the report’s findings are fully implemented, of receiving better consideration from building owners and responsible authorities.”

Homeowners may want to put “fire safety” on their window-purchase priority list, following the lead of the responsible authorities and building owners just mentioned. One of the essential suppliers you’ll be working with is the glass professional, so it might be wise to take a few minutes to think about the benefits of choosing high-quality windows for your commercial, industrial, and residential needs.

Expert Assistance:

To ensure compliance with current regulations and guidelines, and to prepare for changes made in the wake of events such as the Grenfell tragedy, you’d be wise to bring have your glass/window expert on board in the planning stage. You can book an array of services, including accurate estimates for glazing, aluminium, and uPVC projects. Architects find this level of service essential to design and construction success.

Work with a leading supplier for all high-quality window/glass products, whether you’re working with a special, one-off piece or a large quantity. Your general contractor will benefit from the input and work provided by experienced installers, no matter what the complexity or size of your project. This is valuable to all retail, commercial, and leisure-industry efforts.

Above all, you will find a provider of the fire-resistant glass quite welcome as part of your design team or build the team. Contact your glass professional today to discuss a product designed to resist the spread of fire and check its spread within buildings. Provide the physical barrier and insulating properties you need to protect occupants and to comply with requirements.

Catastrophic events such as Grenfell often produce some of the most important advancements in building technology. With the correct assistance, you can be prepared as well.

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