New Residential Areas In Dubai To Invest In

by Real Estate 21 April 2022

Residential Areas In Dubai

International investors with a long-term investment position can look forward to good prospects in Dubai itself and the UAE as a whole.

The residential areas in Dubai are full of luxury amenities.

So when you are picking the locations of living, you do not have to compromise your preferences depending on the budgets of the residential places buying.

2 Best Residential Areas In Dubai Where You Can Invest

This is due to the investor-friendly policy of the emirates, the potential for national economic growth, and profit margins.

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1. The Collective In Dubai Hills

The Collective In Dubai Hills

The Collective is a new residential area in Dubai which is in Dubai Hills with community development venture Emaar and Meraas.

A joint experience for searching the residential areas in Dubai, you can simply go for the joint buyer ventures. When two people or parties come together for a mutually beneficial relationship.

The first is the person who owns the land. This person has invested in the site intending to develop it, but now that his requirements have changed, he cannot build on it himself.

In this situation, he has two options:

  1. Sell the land.
  2. Enter into the joint venture with a developer and build a residential, commercial, hotel, or apartment project on it based on the permission of the zoning authority and the mutual consent of both parties.

Percentage or square footage sharing may vary by location.

In the major locations, the sharing parameters are different compared to other sites.

For example, sites like Dubailand, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Furjan, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai Sports City, IMPZ, etc. Usually, these all have a profit-sharing setup of 30% for the landowner and 70% for the developer.

However, this too may differ depending on the agreement and requirements of the landowner and developer.

2. Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort

Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort

The best residential areas in Dubai are known for their ambitious projects that are becoming popular with tourists and investors.

One of these projects was the artificial archipelago The World, which has the shape of a map of the world.

According to the developer, a new Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort will be opened for investments in the archipelago soon. It is also noted that the first resort was opened by the developer on December 18, 2021.

The ambition of the new resort is explained not only by the location but also by very impressive numbers. It will have its own beach, whose area is more than 2,000 square meters. The resort will have its own host island with an area of ​​more than 142,000 square meters.

The project will feature 70 premium segment rooms: villas and suites. Guests planning to stay at this resort will enjoy incredible views from their suites overlooking the ocean and enjoy private beach access.

Fans of spacious layouts and maximum luxury will be able to move into villas with private pools.

The residential areas in Dubai resort can be called isolated since they can only be reached by boat. Everything that guests need to maintain a high level of relaxation will be presented here:

  • a huge number of bars and restaurants,
  • equipped gyms,
  • proximity to shopping centers and nightclubs,
  • golf courses.

It is noteworthy that The World project includes a lot of different housings. In particular, these are the “Heart of Europe” islands, where not only the hotel sector is represented but also full-fledged real estate: in particular, these are villas, the cost of which varies from USD 16 to 100 million.

Real Estate In Dubai

Are you planning to buy property in Dubai?

Ax Capital specialists will help you find properties that fully meet your requirements and will help you obtain them easily and quickly.

The residential areas in Dubai are very innovative in style and full of modern-day luxury. 

When you are planning to buy apartments or a palace to live in, I think you are not going to think about the budget and the cost of your living, when you are planning to live in the desert heaven, why you should think about the budget for living there.

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