How To Secure Your Business With The Adequate Safety And Security Procedures

by Business Security Systems Published on: 18 May 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

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We all want to have safe and secure places to carry on our daily business activities. However, crimes keep rising day in day out, which is why we need to take extra measures to ensure that our businesses are secure.


Without an idea of some actions to take, so as to make your business a safer place, staying away from such crimes can be a difficult task. Therefore, to ensure that your business is always secure, read through this article and learn some of the security plans you can apply to enhance your business security.


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Securing Your Business With The Adequate Safety And Security Procedures

1. Restrict access to certain areas


You need to limit entrance to certain areas in your business, using access control measures. Allowing all areas to be accessed by all people who come into your company may cause your business’s information to get into the wrong hands.


With that in mind, some of the security measures to use are physical access controls, such as locks, and electronic access controls like the use of electronic cards. These security checks ensure that you only let authorised persons access your businesses restricted areas.


2. Backup your data


You need to ensure that you have copies of all files in your business. Sometimes, your computer may crash, or you may get all your data lost due to viruses or hackers.


So that you are on the safe side, ensure that you always have in place a backup plan in case some of these mishaps occur. Some of the ways to back up your business data include manually backing up your files using storage devices, use a backup program, time machine, file history program or backing up to the cloud.


3. Make use of paper shredders


Most of the time, we discard papers that are no longer useable in our businesses in the wrong way. Just folding paper or tearing it into two pieces doesn’t guarantee that information contained therein won’t be accessible to outsiders.


To make sure that criminals can’t use the information included in papers in the wrong way, make sure that you shred all unusable documents before throwing them in bins.


4. Regular risk assessment


Securing your business begins with ensuring the safety of your workers, as well as their health. Therefore, you need to assess all risks that may befall to your business.


Start by checking for all things that may cause harm to you, your employees, or the business. After that, decide on the most vulnerable areas where such damage can be generated. With this in mind, setup control measures to make sure that such damage doesn’t take place.


5. Secure your business area


There are several steps that you can adopt to strengthen the security of your business premises. Some of these measures include strengthening up all entry points such as doors and windows, securing the overall perimeter, safeguarding critical devices, installing CCTVs and alarms, adopting a visitor management policy, advertising your security, and many other security measures that you feel fit for your business.


6. Train your staff


You should note that you cannot apply and integrate safety procedures in your business on your own. Therefore, you need to make sure that all of your staff takes appropriate training about all the security measures you take, and inform them of the reasons for having taken such steps.


Ensure that your employees bear enough knowledge to know when hackers access your network. Moreover, your staff should get enough training on how to identify suspicious activity in your business, and also encourage them to report any of such behavior.


7. Thoroughly screen new employees


At times, you will find that your workforce compromises the security in your business. Failure to know your employees well may cause you to employ criminals who only want to learn how you do things in your business.


In as much as you want to trust your new employees, make sure that you place your business’s security in the forefront. Therefore, carry out as much background checks as you can on your new staff. Apart from just checking education and employment background, ensure that you have information regarding their criminal record and be sure to call previous employers to learn more about these employees.


8. Encrypt your business data


Losing devices that contain sensitive business data can be one whole lot of a nightmare. This leads to your information landing in the wrong hands which can make your business collapse if this information is used to impact your business negatively.


Hence, to avoid situations where your data isn’t safe if your storage devices get lost, make sure that you encrypt all information contained in your storage medias. Such a measure helps to ensure that the one who accesses your devices cannot read anything stored in.


9. Upgrade your security procedures regularly


Holding the same access control measures or passwords for years makes your business more vulnerable to theft. You may have terminated employees who plan to hit back on your business.


If you still use the same security policy that they left, this keeps your business at a high risk of access to such employees. Therefore, make sure that you keep up to date with current security policies and also change your access control systems and password regularly for your business to be more secure.


From the above, we can see that there are several measures that we can take to enhance the security of our business during working days and non-business days. Therefore, do not allow safety concerns to be the reason why your business is failing, but make use of these measures and make your business area a better and safer place.


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This article was written by Simon Parker. Simon Parker has over 70 years of shared experience with Minerva Security, dealing with commercial business security and fire alarm systems.


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