What To Know About Selling Your Home With The Furniture Included

by Real Estate Published on: 03 January 2017 Last Updated on: 09 June 2021

Furniture Included

When you’re preparing to sell your home, you might come to the conclusion that it’s best to try to include the furniture with the sale of the property itself. There is any number of reasons you might do this. Some of the most common might include a relocation to a foreign country, where moving furniture would be difficult, as well as downsizing.

 You might also be moving in with a relative, so there will be no room for most of your furniture.

Another common reason people sell homes with the furniture included is if they’re responsible for the estate of a loved one.

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Regardless of the reason, if it’s something you’re considering, there are some things you should know as a seller.

It’s Not Going to Lead to a Big Increase In Pricing:

If you think adding your furnishings to the sale of your home is going to make the value go up significantly, it’s probably not. Even with luxury furnishings, if your goal is to raise the value of your home, including furniture probably isn’t the best option.

What including furniture can do, however, is help you attract more potential buyers, or help you finalize a deal with an interested buyer.

This is why a better idea would be to try to sell your old furniture separately and gain an amount that will help you buy new furniture. An excellent option to do so is to look up North by Northwest Estate Sales. They are a leading institution that deals with getting units and then auctioning them to prospective buyers. You might just also check out their stock and take some with you to the new house when selling your old furniture.

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Be Prepared For Buyers To Not Want The Furniture:

FurnitureIf you’re adding your furniture into the sale of your home for your own convenience, you should be prepared for the fact that your buyer may not want your items, or they may want certain things and not others.

It could be more convenient to go ahead and start selling your furniture individually before even finding a buyer, particularly if you absolutely can’t’ take it with you. Otherwise, you may find a buyer who wants it removed anyway, and you might end up in a time crunch at the last minute.

Also, think about whether or not any buyer is going to want your furniture. If it’s mismatched and in bad condition, you might actually deter potential buyers by even having it in your home as you try to sell, much less trying to include it as part of a package deal.

The group most likely to be interested in a home with furniture are first-time buyers, so if your home is a starter home it could be a good option, otherwise, you might want to think about other arrangements for your furniture.

Negotiations Might Be More Difficult:

A final thing to realize as you debate whether or not to include your furniture with the sale of your home is that even when buyers want it, it might end up complicating negotiations. If you provide this as an option and you get to the negotiation process, you might find that it takes longer than it would have ordinarily as there are pricing debates, and buyers are going through each piece individually.

There are also emotional components that can come in with the negotiation of furniture.

If a buyer loves your furniture and you’re willing to part with it, you may include it with the sale of your home, but otherwise, you should be wary because it can actually make the entire experience quite a bit more difficult.

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