What Is Educational Technology And Why Is It Important?

by Technology 27 April 2022

Educational Technology

We often get the following question: what is education technology? Another important issue is this question: why should we use it in any form? This article will answer all of your key questions regarding this topic. Firstly, we shall review the nature of educational technology.

Secondly, the reasons for its usage should appear. Lastly, some of the key disadvantages stemming from the innovations would appear.

As you shall see, the reasons to use the outlined technology are diverse and potent. If you want to enter the field, a good idea is to focus on companies that provide strong education software development services.

What is Educational Technology?

We can define educational technology as the usage of software and hardware innovations for a better organization of the learning process. Some of the key examples of educational technology include the following issues:

  • Virtual classroom technologies: if you want some online space that would replicate the key elements of your classroom, this type of technology is perfect. Online lecture platforms: if you want to upload your lessons somewhere or use the products of other teachers, education technology is also an essential option to consider in the absolute majority of settings.
  • Virtual reality: a lot of three-dimensional content can benefit from direct visual demonstrations. Usage of
    educational technology Slideshare

    uch educational technology is also very exciting.

  • Programmable robots: if you want to teach your students programming or some mechanics, a great example of educational technology involves various robots. Today, we have lots of options on the market that give an opportunity to create something complex. If you have some knowledge of programming and can teach students about it, the usage of such opportunities is perfect.
  • Programming platforms and engines: technologies for creating various video games, for example, are abundant on the market. For example, you can easily use a free engine to create some simple game and then even market it for smartphones with students.

Why is Educational Technology in Education Important?

Why is Educational Technology in Education Important?

Educational technology is highly important for the following reasons:

  1. It gives a chance to optimize learning. Instead of having to spend time on explanations every year, you can easily record a set of important lectures and materials to then place them on online platforms. In this way, you’ll no longer have to waste time redoing everything on a yearly basis. The approach is also perfect for offering the courses to your colleagues for further usage.
  2. Students often get a chance to learn something in a centralized fashion. When it comes to some of the most popular educational technologies, a lot of online learning platforms come into mind. There, you can save lots of information to make its presentation simple for the majority of the students.
  3. It enables creativity: using something more complex instead, you can easily teach students how to program (in Node.js, for example) or even create robots.

Negative Effects of Using Technology in Education

Still, a lot of negative things can occur if you use technology in education and don’t do anything to mitigate the potential damage:

  1. Lack of attention and motivation: in case you use some online platforms to store your courses, a situation when students lose interest during lectures is very probable. After all, they would have a feeling that listening makes no sense and they can learn everything from the Internet. To overcome this issue, put some entrance tests before allowing to see information and try making exams random.
  2. Disruption of communication: another big problem is that you’re going to alienate some students who prefer to communicate personally. All types of technology involve periods of work without communication. As a result, individuals who like to learn through constant conversation and discussions will inevitably feel betrayed and lost. To overcome this problem, you should undoubtedly include some personal communication sessions with students. They must feel constant feedback.


In the end, as you may see, educational technology is going to have a tremendous influence. Without a doubt, its usage is going to change the very face of education. Why? Because it gives a way to optimize lots of things.

Its complexity also provides a way to entice the students and give them some truly magnificent challenges. Our recommendation is simple: if you haven’t done that yet, start to work on incorporating the educational technologies into your practice as soon as possible.

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