Why Choose Agency Online Translation Services Over The Alternatives?

by Business Published on: 17 December 2021 Last Updated on: 15 March 2023

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It can be very hard to find the right kind of translation services for your business, company, or charity. There are so many variables and each business will have different needs, making it tough to figure out the right one for you. However, in this blog, we will run through some of the most common options for getting translations, and hopefully, help you find the right translation option for your needs.

The options

So, what are the options for getting your translations done? There are probably more options than you think. Let’s look at some of the most common options that people may consider instead of online translation agencies:

In-house translators

If you have a lot of translation needs, you may have already considered getting an in-house translator or translation team. This means hiring permanent employees specifically to deal with your translation needs. This can be great if you have a lot of translations to do. With this, CanTalk Canada Translation & Interpretation provides reliable and accurate translation services to help bridge the language gap and facilitate effective communication between people from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

It can save you money, as well as make sure you have a translator who you are familiar with, and who knows how best to do the work for your industry and needs. However, it can be problematic.

Unless you only need translation into one or two languages, you may find that you have to hire multiple translators to ensure all your translations are done. You may also struggle if your business needs translations in different fields – for example, legal translations for the legal department, and financial translations for the board members, both of which can need different areas of expertise to properly translate.

Freelance translators

There are so many freelance translators out there, eager to help with whatever translation work comes their way. It is worth looking at many freelance translators as a kind of jack-of-all-trades (and masters of some). It can be great to find a freelancer who you work well with, and who really understands your business.

Using a freelancer means you can go back to the same translator time and time again, building up a good rapport, without having to pay them a regular salary for the times when you don’t need them.

However, they will not always have knowledge and experience in every field – in fact, it’s rare to find a translator who has the specialist skills for more than one or two specialist fields. This, again, can be an issue if your translation needs are varied.

AI translation programs

With technology becoming more and more advanced, more people are turning to computer translation programs. You probably have some experience with computer-aided translation in the form of Google Translate, one of the most commonly used free computer translation programs currently available.

However, there are many options beyond this, including more sophisticated translation programs, which have a much better AI program and database to make more accurate translations. Some of these are free, and some are not. However, all of these computer programs tend to suffer from the same problems – they are not accurate, at least, not to human ears.

It is perfectly possible for a translation program to translate a text ‘accurately’ but for it to sound like awkward gibberish to a native speaker of the target language. You have no doubt seen badly translated packaging on products from foreign markets, and it is highly likely that some of these were translated by machine, giving you an idea of the problems that AI translation faces.

So, what makes an online translation agency better?

So, what makes an online translation agency better?

It could be considered that an online translation agency gives the best of all the options above while avoiding a lot of the downfalls, though there are of course still some cons that must be considered. With an agency, you may not be able to use the same translator every time, though most agencies will happily try to arrange this – it can be unavoidable however if a translator leaves the agency.

However, in exchange for this risk, you will find that agencies have a much wider range of people with a huge range of experience and skills. If you need a legal translation into an uncommon language, agencies can help. If you need a marketing email in seven different languages, an agency can usually help with that too, without sacrificing quality, because they have so many skilled professionals who can help.

Espresso Translations – online translation services for all your needs

Espresso Translations - online translation services for all your needs

If you do need online translation services, here at Espresso Translations we have professional linguists who speak over 150 languages. We have experts in a range of fields, from legal translations to medical, to marketing, and educational. We can help find the right linguists for your translation and we use native-tongue translators to make sure that the finished translations read flawlessly to native speakers of your target language.

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