Top 9 Educational Apps For Students

by Job & Career 09 September 2021

Educational Apps

There has been a rapid improvement in the technological aspect and resultantly it’s gradually becoming important day by day in the educational sector since the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the pandemic came with many changes, it also benefited learning. Today, teachers and students engage in e-learning because of the worldwide lockdown.

Thanks to this newfound interest in distance learning, the e-learning market may be worth $320 billion by 2025.

This modern change in learning has led experts to rapidly develop apps and tools used in education because it is a lucrative field. Educational tech now ranges from sharing educational materials online to using the best PDF editor for students to edit PDF.

These educational apps ensure that the learning process is fun, exciting, and delectable. The following are some fantastic educational apps to help the learning processes of students.

1. PDF Apps (Lumin PDF)

As a student, having a PDF tool is vital for easy learning. No matter the device or operating system you use, there is always a PDF editor for students. For instance, Lumin PDF is a PDF editor free for students, which has most of the features you need for schoolwork.

The tool can protect documents and ensure that you properly format your papers, making it a decent PDF editor for teachers.

This practical PDF annotator students should be usable online via Android, Windows, Mac, or even iPhone. As a student, you can use the PDF editing tool with Google Drive to work at your convenience on Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

You can use the Lumin PDF editor to cut out pages you find irrelevant in your learning. You can also use it to transfer information in digital form.

So why bother downloading separate apps to view and edit documents when you can do it all at once — thanks to Lumin PDF, the best free pdf editor for students?

2. Google Classroom

The Google Classroom educational tool is a learners’ favorite resource for storing documents. It benefits tutors and students and is accessible via Google Chrome. The tool allows you to save lectures and papers that your teachers upload to your shared folder.

Google Classroom helps students fully adapt to e-learning. Today, many schools make their students register for at least one online class at the start of a semester. The educational sector is going paperless, and with the introduction of tools like Google Classroom, you only need a data-enabled device to submit homework and meet up with lectures.

3. Google Drive

Google has proven to be a proficient brand when it comes to its email service and search engine. The organization is rapidly taking over the e-learning sector. It has gained recognition as a company that supports the online learning process with tools like Google Drive.

Google Drive is an efficient cloud storage tool that is compatible with any cloud-based educational app. With Google Drive and a PDF annotator, students can save, share, and edit documents, photos, and videos.

Even if your PC crashes, Drive will help you store your study materials if you don’t want to use a PDF editing tool even if your PC crashes. Drive can also sync across devices, ensuring you don’t skip a beat with schoolwork.

4. My Homework Student Planner

Students need My Homework Student Planner, an efficient tool to submit homework and ensure that they meet deadlines. The app prioritizes tasks, creates reminders, ticks completed tasks, and monitors pending assignments.

The best part is that it is just as handy for teachers. Teachers can set up classes that tally with the schedule of their students. But its strength lies in its student-friendly features, as learners can customize the app to fit their needs.

In summary, this app arranges homework and projects and ensures proper planning of schedules. Like most other apps on this list, My Homework Student Planner is accessible on Android, Windows, and iOS.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a valuable educational tool that captures memos and notes in different formats, including photos, texts, handwritten notes, web clips, and business receipts. This tool is efficient in documenting lectures. Also, the date inclusion feature will help you find your lecture notes easily.

Evernote has another impressive feature that allows you to stack notes and arrange them according to the subjects. You can also store the notes in a particular folder for easy identification.

6. Oxford Dictionary

Even with a PDF tool for students and online translators, nothing beats the old Oxford Dictionary when it comes to improving your vocabulary. Better yet, use the mobile version of the esteemed dictionary because it is convenient and helpful on the go.

The Oxford Dictionary will help you understand idioms, spellings, phrasal verbs, word families, and collocations better. Instead of sourcing various materials, use the Oxford mobile app to learn International Phonetics. The app is available for Android, iOS, and even downloadable from CDs.

7. Quizlet

Quizlet is an educational app for teachers and students. Teachers can use Quizlet with a free PDF editor for teachers to create content for lectures. Meanwhile, students use materials from Quizlet’s catalog.

The app encourages students to study by engaging them in games and matches. With Quizlet, you can revise previous study materials, identify flashcards, and play educational games. The app is available on Android and iOS devices for free.

8. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an invaluable app for student learning that allows you to dictate notes while it digitally converts them. After the conversion, you can easily paste the app to get a document, send it via mail, or keep it as a note.

Students struggling with typing can find the Dragon Dictation tool very useful. All they have to do is speak to the app and the software types away. You will find this tool helpful because it types at the pace you speak. The software can read back homework and instructions.

9. Duolingo

Duolingo is a top-rated platform for learning languages. According to the Duolingo Language Report of 2020 People download the app a lot and use it to learn languages from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to its excellent reviews, over 500 million people are using Duolingo today.

The app is free and available across all download platforms. It also has a game setting and is effective for learning foreign languages like French, Spanish, etc.

Need to ace your foreign languages tests? You should give Duolingo a shot as the app is fun, practical and encourages collaboration between users.


Several tools ensure that students learn in a fun environment that is hassle-free. These resources are convenient, exciting, and encourage learning and retaining concepts.

Though there are several educational apps for students available for download, only a handful stand out. The apps we have discussed ensure that students are up-to-date with academic requirements. So, go through our guide and determine what works for you.

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