Best Influencer Marketing Platform

by Marketing 01 March 2019

Best Influencer Marketing Platform

The influencer is a slow but steady approach to marketing. In influencer marketing, the business should invest time and develop authentic and honest relationships with its influencers. The brand of influencers is measured in the number of new brand loyalism and not cents and dollars. It may be hard to measure success if you don’t have a backup bank statement.

Unlike actual marketing that needs personal attention and time, managing influencer relationships and campaigns don’t have to be. The most important task is to find the right individuals to work with, monitor campaigns and measure the level of success. However, the won’t be managing your big time demands because the software will handle this for you. Like other business tools, the influencer marketing platform will reduce the administrative task time suck that may distract the individual from reaching his or her goals.

However, not all these platforms are created the same. In this article, we will be looking at the best influencer marketing platform. These apps can also serve people who are new to the world of influencer marketing. The software will give you easy entry and assist in building a solid campaign without struggling. These tools will also serve influence marketing pros quite well.

1. AspireIQ


This influence marketing platform assumes a more hands-off approach than the previous entries. The self-service platform gives access to more than 150,000 influencers on all the major social media platforms. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for brands of agencies that create in-house marketing campaigns. AsporeIQ utilizes a sophisticated learning engine to constantly add influencer information depending on their social media output. The platform gathers information on engagement, content quality, posts, and sentiments behind the comments. All these details drive the matching algorithm on the software. When brands or agencies look for the best influencer to meet their needs, the information is parsed and the app matches the up. After matching, the interface allows pitching of ideas to several influencers at the same time. It also manages all the responses from one dashboard.

2. Upfluence


Upfluence focuses on bloggers hence changes the way in which companies can create, plan, and deliver on their strategies for content marketing. The influencer marketing platform comprises of two separate products that you can either use together or separately. The products include Publisher and Reacher.

Reachr refers to the way in which companies get influencers for creating their web content. As we speak, thousands of bloggers who represent more than 200 industries globally are now registered on the database of Upfluence. The companies have more than 50 criteria that they can use to filter their searches. You can reach out to the individuals who seem to be the best fit, negotiate and finalize contracts through this platform. Once you brief the bloggers about the scope of your content, you will wait for them to complete the writing then you approve their work.

Upfluence allows companies to be a step ahead in marketing. In this case, the specifics of the marketing campaign are defined before being submitted to the blogger’s community for the application. Companies can use Publisher to simultaneously work with as many writers as possible. These are highly experienced writers who can produce high-quality content. The brands can track and analyze the performance of the published articles.

3. NeoReach

NeoReach is a small self-service influencer marketing platform that gives you an option for managed campaigns.  This brand designs and runs full campaigns on behalf of their customers. The beauty of it is that it allows customers to hop on the dashboard and view the direction things are taking. The platform liberally uses the images of Feliz Kjellberg who is a highly recognizable and most influential YouTube star. The brand received a high level of press attention for this platform and attracted millions of investors. What makes it the best influencer marketing platform is the fact that it maintains a database of more than three million influencers across the main social media platforms. NeoReach beats competitors who only offer access to the influencers who have subscribed to their platform. The platform doesn’t have any restrictions on the pool of talent. Through this platform, the company negotiate for rates, create campaign briefs, approve posts, and even manage payments.

4. Mavcrk

This influencer marketing platform organizes a database of individuals it believes to be influential through blogging or on social media.  Mavcrk takes an approach that is very different to influencer marketing. The platform prefers to transform its best existing clients into influencers that can extol the virtues of the brand. Therefore, they will not have to convivence influencers that the solution they offer is worth their choice. From this, Mavcrk has set up an impressive customer roster that includes some of the big names in the market. The customers can either use standalone microsite that is white-labelled or utilize a special plugin for their current site. As a customer, you are encouraging to login to your account through Facebook. The algorithm of the platform can determine the level of engagement and reach of the brands’ clients.

5. Traackr


For an IM platform to be complete, it must have a wide network of influencers and a deep analytics engine. Traackr is so good when it comes to these two elements even though it is not the center of their operations. The platform pays close attention to influencer relationship management and it acknowledges trust as the main selling point for influencer marketing. Most platforms take the process of getting influencers to represent a company to be a strict monetary transaction. They pair the brand with authoritative individuals within their niche and then set up fees for the sponsored posts. This approach is good for short term campaigns especially if you want to sell a product or raise awareness.

Traackr can help you to achieve all these objectives but it primarily focuses on creating a lasting influence with the brand it is working with. The platform supports the social listening of influencers so that brands can engage with the influencers and their audiences meaningfully. Therefore, you will also connect with the individuals who influence the influencer. Some of the companies that have used this marketing platform to expand their reach include Intel, Travelocity, EMC, Forbes, and HP. It is among the best influencer marketing platform for any type of business.

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