4 Key Points That Should be Included in Your Call Center Software

by Business Intelligence Published on: 06 May 2022 Last Updated on: 08 May 2022

Call Center Software

Providing seamless customer service is crucial for Finding the right call center software can be a hectic process for companies.

A call center software helps management monitor calls in order to achieve a high-quality customer experience.

Most call center software has to do quality assurance because calls have to be scored manually. 

Features Of Effective Call Center Software

Features Of Effective Call Center Software

When it comes to improving work productivity, call center software is much needed. It facilitates the call agents to manage and coordinate the outgoing and incoming calls by tracking and routing them. This software also facilitates handling diverse client requests like complaints, technical support,  general inquiries, and sales calls. 

The primary perk of the best call center software is that it works 24/7 providing a great customer experience in a professional manner. It enhances the opportunities of getting crucial queries, such as product purchases, while call agents have issues responding to all the calls. 

If you are looking for a new call center management system, four key features should be part of your software. The features will improve your call center quality assurance and ensure you get the desired results.

1. Automated Call Scoring

The automated call scoring feature analyses the quality of a call and scores it according to your set parameters within a few minutes. This means you won’t need to go through each call to identify the calls with low scores.

Scoring calls automatically gives you data on calls with low scores per agent or department.

Listen to calls with low scores and offer guidelines to departments or agents on how to improve the quality of their calls. It is easier for companies to nail down specific issues that lead to low call quality scores with automated call scoring.

2. Real-time Agent Guide

Offering agents real-time call guides significantly improves the quality of all calls. Agents can read scripts depending on how the call goes and stay on track. Agents must create a good relationship with customers on the first call.

Real-time call guides can undergo modifications to suit your agents’ kinds of calls. Agents will be able to see the right things to say in real-time to make a conversion. Agents will also be reminded to say compliance statements word-for-word to avoid lawsuits in the future. 

A comprehensive real-time agent guide feature can improve call center conversion rates because agents will have the right talking points for each call. It also eliminates boring scripts and replaces them with questions and phrases that help agents establish a connection with callers.

3. Automated Call Dashboard

A dashboard shows all reports and analyses from your call center in one place. You can check the individual overall call scores from your dashboard. There’s a feature that shows the breakdown of an individual’s score to see sub-scores on several vital points.

The dashboard allows you to have a clear overview of your call center performance in one place and what necessary actions to take to improve performance. Moreover, automated call scoring ensures an accurate view of the company call quality scores without waiting for hours to get reports.

4. Online Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an essential feature because it allows management to access their system anywhere. Checking daily performance when you are away from the office and seeing how your call center is doing will be easier.

Moreover, cloud storage allows call centers to store audio recordings according to regulations at an affordable rate. 

Cloud storage is more affordable than other storage options for medium to large-scale call centers. Also, cloud call center software allows authorized personnel to retrieve recordings from anywhere when the need arises.

Increase Efficiency With Call Center Quality Assurance

Increase Efficiency With Call Center Quality Assurance

A call center software is an essential tool in helping a company achieve the desired call center quality assurance and enjoy high conversion rates. An efficient call center software can help you improve the quality of calls in your call center and the performance simultaneously. 

Not only is call center software less costly in comparison to employing people, but also it provides a number of benefits that a business can gain. As a result, investing in it can be considered to be a smart choice which marks a critical need for developing a professional image to the customers. 

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