The Perks Of Employee Verification

by Business Intelligence 28 November 2022

Employee Verification

If you’re looking to fill a vacant position within your organization, you’ll undoubtedly receive resumes from various candidates who think they have what it takes. However, statistics reveal that many candidates lie or exaggerate their resumes to get job roles.

So, how do you weed out the resume padders?

The answer is employee verification.

As an employer, you must verify candidates’ information about their past experiences and roles to ensure that you are getting the best talent for the job. But that is not all that matters.

This article explores the various benefits of employee verification. So, keep reading to discover more. 

What is Employee Verification?

What is Employee Verification

Employee verification refers to the process of confirming the job experience and credentials listed by a candidate or potential employee on their resume. You may do this by reaching out to the previous employers listed by the candidate, using employee verification platforms, or leveraging third-party background check organizations.

However, if you use a third-party agency to verify employees, you must inform the candidate and provide details about the third-party organization.

Employee verification helps you confirm a candidate’s capacity to perform in a role and enables you to fish out job fabrications and other falsehoods in a candidate’s resume. However, these are only some of the advantages of employee verification.

Not to worry, this next section explores some more perks of employee verification.

Five Advantages of Employee Verification

Advantages of Employee Verification

Here are five essential reasons you should carry out employee verification on your job applicants:

1. It helps to prevent fraud and identify theft

It is common for applicants to lie on their resumes about previous experiences. However, some even go as far as lying about their identity. Thankfully, an employment verification process can help you identify applicants who have lied about their identity on their CVs.

This way, you avoid hiring unskilled employees and prevent fraudulent activities in your organization.

2. It helps to prevent violence in the workplace

Workplace violence is a common occurrence in the United States. However, while not all cases of workplace violence can be blamed on a lack of employment verification and screening, sometimes a simple verification process can prevent you from employing candidates with a history of violence.

3. It saves cost

The truth is that hiring the wrong employee is an expensive decision for any company, and it is a real possibility in the absence of a proper verification and screening process.

According to the Labor Department, the average cost of hiring a bad employee may be up to 30% of that employee’s first-year earnings. However, some business owners think the numbers should be more than 30%.

Either way, the verdict is simple — you will save a lot of money by verifying employee credentials to ensure you get the right candidate.

saves cost

Sometimes, employers can leave themselves open to lawsuits regarding their hiring decisions where they fail to take reasonable care.  According to the law, ‘reasonable care’ can extend beyond what the company knew about the employee to include what it should have known about the employee.

This means that the law expects an employer to do all they can to verify their employee’s credentials, character, and identity. In other words, you have a legal obligation to invest in an effective employee verification process.

5. It ensures that qualified and honest candidates are hired

This is one of the most significant advantages of employee verification. You can be confident that you are getting the best hands for the job and your company culture.

Employee verification helps ascertain a candidate’s skill level, experience, work ethic, and attitude — all of which are crucial to picking the best candidate.

honest candidates

Wrapping It Up

Without a doubt, it takes beyond merely examining candidates’ resumes to know the best fit for your role or organization. This is where employee verification comes into the picture.

Employee verification arms you with other vital information that ensures you make the best hiring decision. Therefore, while the verification process may cost you some more time and other resources, the benefits certainly outweigh these costs.


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