5 Reasons To Ditch Your Regular Number For A Virtual Number

by Business Intelligence 10 June 2022

Virtual Number

Did you know that when you’re calling someone, you don’t know for sure where they’re calling from? That’s unless you ask them, of course! Before, the caller’s location can easily be determined by the number itself. But that’s not the case anymore.

While a lot of the numbers that you’d encounter nowadays are still from your traditional phone companies, that’s not your only choice now if you want to obtain a new number.

Thanks to the efforts of virtual number providers like Freeje in spreading awareness on virtual numbers as well as fulfilling its role as an exemplary source of such, your options have now grown.

But you may be wondering right now about how it’s different from the number that you already have. The business perspective on this tech has always been explored, so for this post, we’ll focus on the personal benefits that you’d get from one. But before you go into detail with that, let’s first have a common understanding of what a virtual number is.

The Basics Of Virtual Number

Virtual Number Basics

The normal phone number system is set up by your local phone company and is configured to connect incoming calls to either a physical phone connected to the local phone company’s network or a mobile phone that has a SIM card registered with a mobile phone network. IN both circumstances, there’s always something physical that makes each call possible.

Instead of your local provider giving you a physical SIM card, you get a virtual SIM from the internet. There’s no physical anything that you’d get, but you’d need to be connected to the internet to perform the same functions as its regular counterpart.

Marketers have used this heavily in advertising, while entrepreneurs trying to keep costs down use it to get cheap labor. But even though you’re not a business owner, it’s still definitely worth trying.

Why You Should Give A VoIP Number A Chance?

VoIP Number

You don’t need to be making money to see the benefits of owning one. Even at a personal level, getting a virtual phone number is still a highly beneficial move for you. Here are just some of the possibilities that would be opened up:

1. It lets you easily contact family members abroad

Although it may be easier nowadays to just use social media to contact people, nothing can still beat your good-old phone call. Having an international phone line allows you to keep in contact with your family even if you are living far away from them.

You can make them all feel more comfortable by having a virtual phone line in their home country. This is especially true for older family members who may not know how to use more modern technology.

2. It allows you to apply for jobs remotely

Applying for jobs abroad is more likely to result in a job offer if you include a local phone number in your CV, making it easier for your new employer to contact you.

With something as big as relocating for a job abroad, employers will for sure want to talk to you extensively. Being easily reachable via call will help on that end.

3. It lets relocation become a breeze

If you’re moving to another city or country, make sure you have a phone number in that area. It will be easier to get everything set up for remote communications such as with your landlord or moving company if you have a local number. This way, you’d be able to respond right away to address any issue that may arise.

4. It doesn’t lock you into a contract

Should you decide that you don’t need it anymore, all you have to do is to stop paying for it. This comes with no penalty or extra fees on your end. But if you’re sure about keeping the service for a long time, look out for massive discounts that you can get by paying in advance.

5. It gives you your privacy even if you give out your number

If you’re not ready to get rid of your regular number entirely, that’s fine! A virtual number can still be put into good use. Instead of giving out your “real” number every time someone asks for it, you can simply get the virtual counterpart for it.

Doing this would have calls to your VoIP number forwarded to your personal number. This way, you keep your privacy. This is especially important if you’re publishing your number online. And if you don’t want to be reachable to people who have this ghost number, you can just get a new one and link it again.

People tend to overlook the personal value of a VoIP number especially when it comes to convenience and privacy. Try it for yourself to see just how much easier this little change can make your life.

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