10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

by Business Planning 23 June 2018

Business Ideas

Thanks to the modern age of technology, the Internet now reigns supreme over our daily lives. It seems as though we are always on our phones or devices.

Why not take advantage of this connectivity? Plenty of people just like you have decided to start some kind of business from the comfort and ease of their own home – perhaps even from their own couch. Even if they are just telecommuting, almost 3% of the entire United States workforce prefers to work from home rather than in a traditional office setting.

Are you ready to take such a jump and become an entrepreneur? You certainly wouldn’t be alone, if so. Over 99.7% of all businesses in the United States are small businesses.

Join the movement, and start your own business today. Detailed below are some of the ten best business ideas to get you started.

Here are 10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Home:

1. Digital Marketing Services:

Digital Marketing Services

Speaking of living with the Internet in our daily lives, have you considered using it to enhance and monetize your marketing skills? In today’s world, it is next to impossible for any business to be successful without a positive online reputation.

That is where digital marketing comes into play. There are many different facets of digital marketing – from social media to brand development. If you have no experience in this field at all, that is okay.

There are a ton of resources online to help you get started in the world of digital marketing. In fact, if you plan on running a business of your own, you should get familiar with the best digital marketing strategies anyway. Consider these content marketing tips to get started.

Soon enough, you will be able to advertise your services to businesses as the top digital marketer in your area. All it takes is some research, a trustworthy Internet connection, and a dedication to spreading the word about a specific business in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

2. Running an Online Store:

Online Store

Yet another way to optimize the connectivity provided by the Internet is by running an online store. The exciting part about this business idea is that you can make it pretty much any kind of store you would so choose.

Take a long time to consider what exactly you would like to sell online. Start by thinking about where your passions lie. Products can be all kinds of things – from essential oils to crafting supplies to the household decor.

Do you have experience teaching young children? Perhaps you can sell educational materials. If you have experience gardening, you can sell all of the tools, seeds, and attire that you would most recommend.

It’s true that breaking into the online retail market is easier said than done since it is now so saturated. Don’t let that deter you, though. With enough time, effort, and dedication, you can source the materials and products you need and profit from them in no time.

3. Affiliate Marketing Partnerships:

Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

The Internet would be next to nothing without the tons of content that are added to it on a daily basis. Thousands of people have profited from the blogging sphere or video content sites such as YouTube. How do they turn a profit from simply writing a blog article, though?

The answer is through affiliate marketing. These content providers partner with businesses and essentially promote their products or services from their own posts or videos.

Have you ever seen your favorite blogger or vlogger promote a brand you haven’t heard of before? That is affiliate marketing. Perhaps the easiest way to break into affiliate marketing is through Amazon, but you should be able to partner with any business willing to pay you for promoting their products or services.

4. Cleaning or Housekeeping Service:

Housekeeping Service

You are going to be spending a lot of time in your home, which means you will probably function better if things are kept neat and tidy. This is just a natural part of remaining productive.

Why don’t you take it to the next level, though? Since you most likely already have the cleaning supplies you would need, you can start marketing yourself as a cleaning service in your area.

The possibilities are truly endless. If you want to offer services, just focus on your expertise and passion when it comes to finalizing the purpose of your business. This website exhibits a high-quality safety service, and it is clear that the owners are passionate about safety.

5. Graphic Designer:

Graphic Designer

As mentioned above, it is crucial for any business’s success to have a proper digital marketing campaign. In fact, they need a marketing campaign for all avenues available.

To promote a business’s brand, though, one needs a recognizable logo. Creating these logos requires a certain skill set that you could easily develop – especially if you already have a creative streak in you.

Do some research to determine what the best graphic design software would be to suit your needs. Businesses are in constant need of graphic design services and not always for a logo. It would only be a matter of time before you have too many clients to keep track of – which is a good thing!

6. Writing or Editing:


Do you have a knack for spotting grammatical errors? Perhaps you should consider a new career in the editorial services.

Pretty much every industry now utilizes the Internet to reach talented editors and copywriters for their materials or online editorials. That gives you the opportunity to write and edit from the comfort of your own home.

This is somewhat of a saturated market since pretty much everyone can read and write well these days. It might take you a while before you break into a highly profitable section of this market but do your due diligence.

Around 77% of small businesses are started with the entrepreneur’s personal finances or savings, so hopefully, you can make yours last long enough for this career field.

7. Online Educator:

Online Educator

You might have a history of working in the educational field. The good news is that you can remain in that field with a home business of your own.

There are dozens of educational services that are searching for qualified teachers or tutors to reach students digitally around the world. The subjects of teaching are endless, so it really is only a matter of your experience and preference.

Be prepared to work a lot from a video chat since you will probably be telecommunicating with students around the world in such a manner. Teaching online is more than just grading papers and sending emails. It requires a genuine connection with your students to ensure they are learning the true essence of the subject matter.

8. Catering Service:

Catering Service

You might be thinking at this point that you would rather not work from a computer exclusively.

The good news is that you don’t have to with a more hands-on service such as catering.

Do you find pride in preparing and serving meals? Catering would be a great fit for you, and it would remain flexible with your capabilities and schedule conflicts. You would only have to take the customers you so choose.

All you would need to get started is enough equipment to cook for large groups, the food source, and a way to transport the catered meals. While this is a significant upfront cost, catering is in a high enough demand that you will make up for it in no time.

9. Web Developer or Programmer:

Web Developer

If you do prefer to work from a computer, why not work directly on the computer themselves?

This would take the form of coding, or programming, but don’t worry if you have never even looked at a coding language before.

There are essentially endless avenues to learn the high-demand coding languages online today.

Educational content about the top languages is always being added to the Internet. All you have to do is stay dedicated to learning the skill set, and you will be a marketable programmer soon enough.

In fact, more and more programmers are starting to work from home, so you could easily join their numbers. One of the easiest areas to learn and profit from coding is web development. As mentioned above, every single business today needs a solid online presence, and that starts with a highly functioning website that you could create for them today.

10. Online Fitness Instructor:

Online Fitness Instructor

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of sitting at a desk all day long, whether or not it is at home.

Maybe you have been physically active for a while and would like to share your passion for health and fitness with others.

If so, you should definitely consider starting a physical training business. All you would need to do is create a workout regiment and post some content promoting the positive results. It might take some time, but after a while, you should build up a large enough following to profit.

You don’t have to be completely knowledgeable about running a business. There are services out there to help you, such as these.

Business Ideas Are Only the Beginning:

Getting started with your new small business is exciting, but you don’t have to do it alone. After choosing your favorite from the above business ideas, it is time to get started on your new journey.

We are here to help you every step of the way. We encourage you to check out all the articles in our entrepreneurship archives today.

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