3 Business Ideas for Personable Entrepreneurs

by Small Business 12 May 2018

Business Ideas

Are you looking to embark on a new business venture? If you are highly personable, there are certain roles you may be better suited to as an entrepreneur. You know you’re outgoing if you’re frequently referred to as a “people person,” or if spending time with others gives you energy. Thankfully, there are lots of business roles that draw on these skills, and in most professions being good with people is the ultimate advantage.

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If you’re looking for a new career path or startup idea, you need to play to your strengths. Here are three business ideas for personable entrepreneurs.

Open a Restaurant:

Running a restaurant is the perfect job for outgoing, extroverted types. The hospitality sector is based on looking after people and meeting their needs, so you are highly personable you will get a lot of satisfaction from it. You’ll come into contact with customers of all ages and backgrounds, and you can improve your social skills and get to know people from other walks of life.

Better yet, if you have a creative streak, then this job could be ideal. You can set the layout, choose the restaurant furniture and décor and write the menu. If you want to get into the food and beverage industry, you might decide to take a hospitality or food preparation course, though it isn’t essential. You should, however, do some market research and take time to get to know the industry.

Become a Personal Trainer:

If you’re a fitness addict, why not use your motivation to help others and become a personal trainer? People are often looking to get healthier or lose weight, so there will always be a market for these services. The fitness industry is growing all the time, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The pros are you’ll get to work one on one with clients and set your own schedule; the cons are you may work unsociable hours and wind up getting burnt out.

To become a PT or gym instructor, you will need to possess a multitude of skills. You should be patient, organized, an effective motivator, and a good role model for your clients. You will also need to complete a personal trainer qualification before you can practice.

Start a Coaching Business:

If you have skills in a particular area such as finance or recruiting, you could use your expertise to become a coach or motivational speaker. Businesses of this nature can be very successful because people are always looking to become better versions of themselves. Therefore, they want to gain the knowledge you have so they can improve their lives.

Life coaching enables you to work closely with clients and help them navigate their business and/or personal lives. The great thing about coaching is that you can do it online, over the phone, or in-person and you can pick your own hours. The downside is irregular income, but if you build up enough of a client base, then you should be able to fill your schedule.

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