How Would Email Integration With Salesforce Help Your Business?

by Sales Published on: 05 October 2022 Last Updated on: 06 October 2022

Email Integration

Salesforce email integration connects data and features available in it with an email platform to create a centralized user experience.

This creates a unified system where important processes take place. An organization that has not integrated its email system with Salesforce loses a lot of opportunities.

It is stressful for workers to have to sign into two systems all the time to update activities. With such a system, an organization might not be able to attract new talent. Those already working in the organization will not have good work experience and could begin looking for alternatives.

What does integrating Salesforce with email include?

Before integration, Salesforce and email worked as two distinct platforms. Integration brings the two platforms together to create a centralized system. The sales representative enjoys a flawless workflow where tedious login administrative work gets eliminated.

All key data from email is transferred to Salesforce. It becomes possible to use a plugin to synchronize communication across both platforms where real-time data updating across both platforms is completely automated.

Activity Capture by Revenue Grid is one of the email integration with Salesforce features that help to capture every sales data and activity to Salesforce automatically. It syncs email and calendar with the CRM, auto-creates Salesforce objects, and saves information in them automatically. You can do more with this feature, such as creating easy meeting schedules, sharing your availability, and creating buffers in your email calendar.

email integration with Salesforce

What Does Email Integration With Salesforce Mean To A Business?

Marketing and sales are tough tasks in a business environment filled with competition. Sales representatives can choose to use any channel when marketing. Managing communication and leading data across channels is the main challenge. Email integration with Salesforce benefits a company in many ways.

1. There will be an increase in engagement

Integration brings all communication and contacts into a centralized place. Sales teams take advantage of the contact lists to create personalized email marketing campaigns. A study has shown personalized marketing increases engagement and conversion rates. Emails get at least 41% more click rates and 29% more open rates.

2. It is easier to create orderly contact lists

It is harder to sort out email addresses and telephone numbers using email platforms. Integration makes it easier to build segmented contact lists. They can group email recipients by specific criteria, which works better when launching targeted email marketing campaigns. This helps boost click-through rates and increase conversions.

3. Generating leads

Marketing campaign success is measured when sales teams manage to pull more traffic towards the business. Integration helps the team to use diverse lead generation tools to create exclusively targeted campaigns that attract more traffic to their website.

4. A record of higher productivity

When email and Salesforce are not integrated, sales representatives get involved in a lot of manual data entry tasks. The time they could have used for marketing is spent on data entry and checking emails. Tedious data entry processes are eliminated after integration.

5. Improved visibility

Better visibility helps a company build trust with its audiences. Marketers should improve their marketing strategies to build better brand recognition. Integration helps the team achieve this goal. Salesforce contains useful analytics tools that provide sales teams with a detailed view of their marketing successes. They can create new email campaigns directly from Salesforce based on the success of their previous campaign.

6. Growing email subscriber lists

Data generated in Salesforce can help sales representatives to forecast customer behavior in specific situations. They leverage this data to create uniquely personalized client experiences.

7. Better email communication

One of the key benefits companies get due to integration is email segmentation. Sales teams can segment emails according to customer actions. They classify the emails into leads clusters, conversions, prospects, and orders. The teams achieve better communication when they create emails that address specific customer needs.


Email integration with Salesforce provides a business with many benefits. A company can grow its subscriber base, and its sales team can track marketing success with ease. Marketing teams create marketing emails directly from Salesforce, which helps improve email effectiveness. They create more effective calendar schedules and personalized emails.


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