7 Most Viewed Ads Of 2019 And Why

by Advertising 03 April 2020

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7 Most Viewed Ads Of 2019

Have you ever noticed yourself unwittingly whistling McDonald’s jingle at work? Is it surprising to see the whole advertisement being triggered in the Rolodex of your mind by a mere sound of an advertisement being played somewhere near? Being a Super bowl fanatic you would undoubtedly know the soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo? Well if the roughly bitten nails at the office or the chomped pencil’s tail manifest your boredom and you’re celebrating as to what made you think when you thought about some of the above-mentioned questions then you might get the idea that the infuriating advertisements you’ve watched yesterday night during your favorite TV show or between a football match have resulted in a long-lasting impact on your mind. Ads trends that might come in between a mysterious scene can provoke anger and blow your fuse but are pivotal in bombarding a brand into your consciousness. Some of the viewed ads dare to raise brows with their bizarre and unexpected content while some evoke affection and sympathy to lure in the viewer. The way these advertisements get their ratings is how often they are getting talked about on media, their views,  paid views, watch time and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).

Here’s a look at the top 7 viewed ads of 2019 and why they are on this list:

1. Amazon (Not Everything Makes the Cut – Amazon Super Bowl LIII Commercial)

Amazon took the audience by surprise by its advertisement “Not Everything Makes the Cut” Alexa ad for the Super Bowl that featured celebrities like Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, and the “Broad City” stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson portraying them using fake Alexa enabled products (like an Alexa installed toothbrush that fails to play podcast when in the mouth cleaning the teeth).

The ad rounded up a massive total of 39.5 million views on YouTube. The ad is intricately made for the audience to blow people’s socks off by utmost use of light comedy and a message that Amazon embarked on its newest technology “Alexa” and sustained lots of failures that are theatrically played in the advertisement.

The reason why this specific ad has topped the charts is because of its remarkable use of storytelling and enticing use of comedy that explains that even one of the biggest companies of this world doesn’t progress without failures and that behind everything that comes into the market there are a lot of products that don’t cut. In a nutshell, this ad is the number 1 on our list courtesy of a very powerful message in a unique fun way.

2. Hyundai USA (The Elevator – 2019 Super Bowl Commercial – Hyundai)

Another ad that is on our list for the Super Bowl commercial and revolves around a concept of an elevator being the medium of transportation, taking people to their preferred services or products. The going “downwards” action indicates a bad to worst experience depending on how low the elevator man takes them. Car shopping being ranked as worse than getting a seat or getting a root canal that causes exacerbating pain when the anesthesia wears off.

The complexity in this ad is a little higher than relative viewed ads, but it has a great concept about how Hyundai has transfigured car buying into a comfortable and streamline purchase that elevates the moral to buy a new car. The advertisement agency has command over a subtle approach to depict such a broad concept in such a short amount of time.

3. Gillette (We Believe: The Best Men Can Be – Gillette [Short Film])

Gillette came out with a highly controversial ad that conveyed a message of problems men face the most, that included the false allegations by the “Me too” movement and objectifying men as sexual predators. The fact it sparked a conflict made its views skyrocket and has earned almost 34 million views since being released. Although the majority of the audience perceived the concept to be highly exaggerated and recently Gillette has lost 8 billion dollars. The short film divulges about men’s character and the way the world sees them like a gruesome creature and what a man deserves. The ad is a lot to take in emotionally and is a clever way to send a message to the world.

4. Apple (Apple introducing iPhone 11)

The introduction of a new iPhone is always an exhilarating event. The new iPhone 11 ad is complex mastery of visual and audio effects that make the advertisement more tempting to watch and ignites an urge to watch with more intent or to share with friends to relish a masterpiece made by the company.

The vivid colors and the plethora of different distinct scenarios make people watch it plenty of times and not to mention all up to the minute features that make Apple fans leap for joy. The brilliant quality and the constant rotation of the screen display make it one of the best-viewed ads of 2019.

5. Bosch Global (The internet of present things –LikeABosch)

Described as the “campaign of the year” by many of the audience, Bosch took clever wordplay and auditory effect and superbly merged into an advertisement that makes people crave at least some of the features shown in the viewed ads. The phenomenal dance moves and the hashtag “LikeABosch” circumnavigated all over social media. The jingle or the tagline still stays in the mind of the audience and therefore is a really good strategy for the advertisement to have a good impact on the medium it’s aired on.

6. Doritos (Doritos-Chance the Rapper x Backstreet Boys Super Bowl Official Video #NowItsHot)

An evocative advertisement that features the rap sensation Chance the Rapper and the teenage girls triumph The Backstreet Boys in really catchy cinematography lures people to watch it and stimulate exuberance in the audience’s heart. The Advertisement consisting of rap makes it more attractive especially for the Super Bowl fan base that is naturally inclined towards rap music.

7. Audi USA (Audi presents: Science fair)

An amazing ad that exploited the near release of the movie “Spiderman Homecoming” and featured Tom Holland in a Spiderman themed science fair that fans loved to watch a little cameo of Tom Holland. The ad uses the light and funny role of Tom Holland to express a very good concept and displays the car very tremendously in a small time frame just enough to make people appreciate it. Then the tagline at the end also implies a comedy scene Tom and his friend have. Altogether it’s a very well figured out advertisement.

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