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by Management 13 July 2020


No matter the scale of your company, whether it is a small enterprise, a medium-sized business, or a multinational corporation, there is always a high demand for new electronic solutions. To make the working process more convenient and swift, companies have been working on transforming all the paperwork into their digital variants. However, for this digitalization to be truly efficient, various additional tools have to be considered. For example, dealing with digital documentation calls for some electronic ways to sign PDF without printing it out and scanning it again. Thanks to SignNow, there is an easy and accessible way of working with digitalized documentation.

The extensive experience of companies leading in various fields demonstrates how electronic signatures improve and boost the workflow. The SignNow software was created by skilled IT developers in order to facilitate the process of generating electronic signatures, forwarding documents to other employees, gathering e-signatures, and managing the paperwork. The reviews of the software left by many entrepreneurs and their employees describe how efficient and easy using SignNow is.

The Positive Sides of Implementing the SignNow Software in Your Business

All the hard work put into digitalizing documents and files is pointless in case there is no effective and convenient e-signature software to back it up. Even though cloud storage is secure and handy, there will be a huge waste of time associated with signing the papers and making them legally effective. You will need to print out all the necessary copies, sign them or request signatures from other workers and then scan each copy once again. With a piece of electronic signature software, this process becomes considerably faster and more convenient, which reflects positively on productivity.

The many advantages of SignNow make it one of the best solutions currently available on the market. Here are some of the benefits:

 a) Easily accessible design:

The majority of newly implemented electronic solutions require providing certain training for employees. Such training takes additional funds and time, which is not efficient for a company. To provide the opportunity of starting working with the software as soon as possible, SignNow has come up with an easy to grasp design and features. Any employee, regardless of the E-literacy, will not have any issues with utilizing the software.

b) Availability for a wider audience:

Usually, not only employees and business owners have to work with electronic signatures, but many clients and business partners as well. It is essential that the software used in a company can be available and accessible to everyone. This is why the developers of SignNow made sure to create such a simple and effective program that will be easy to use for any PC user in general.

c). Availability across different platforms:

The compatibility of the software with various platforms is highly important. You can utilize the SignNow program via a computer or a laptop as well as mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets with iOS or Android systems will allow using such software. All this flexibility provides the opportunity of managing and signing papers anytime and anywhere.

d) Enhanced security:

The SignNow software incorporates increased security measures for the maximum safety of your documentation. The utmost protection is provided by the usage of several encryption methods. This ensures that your documents will remain safe, and there will be no leaking or data theft.

The Convenient Features of SignNow Program

SignNow includes a wide range of features that will facilitate the process of making electronic signatures and working with digital files.

Here are some of the most popular instruments:

1. Multiple ways of signing:

In order to suit every user, there are different options for making an electronic signature. You can choose from drawing a signature with your cursor, uploading a scan of a signature made on paper, or simply using your typed full name as a signature. All the signatures can be saved in the database for simple access in the future.

electronic signature

2. Requests for additional files:

You can request recipients of the document to enclose specific files with their signed copy of the paper. In this manner, you can easily collect all the necessary data in a single session.

3. Signature box:

Many documents require only a signature to be finalized. You can include a special signature box that will remain customizable for everyone. In such a way, all other information in the document will be left unedited.

4. Setting up notifications:

Documentation management involves handling hundreds of files, and it is easy to lose track of certain documents. By setting up notifications for all necessary files, you will ensure that each time a document is signed and finalized, you will know about it.

5. Additional fields:

Much like with the signature boxes, you can include separate spaces for text, dates and time, or even checkboxes.

Additional fields

Why You Should Try SignNow for Placing E-Signatures

The SignNow software is available for companies all around the world, and thousands of users have already left their reports on the efficiency of the program. The reviews across the different companies are similar in their appreciation of this software.

In addition to providing simple ways of signing, distributing, and managing digital documentation, SignNow also ensures that the papers signed retain their legal status. The effect of an electronic signature is exactly the same as if it was made on paper with a traditional pen. Such a program boosts the overall productivity of the company, which results in increased revenue.

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