5 Creative Ways To Keep Employees Happy and Productive

by Community and Social Services Published on: 26 March 2020 Last Updated on: 18 February 2023

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Keeping employees happy should be a priority for all managers. After all, the employees are the lifeblood of any business. Their attitudes will be massively reflected throughout the business. If the employees of a company are unhappy, they’ll have little motivation to do anything other than the bare minimum.

Ways To Keep Employees Happy and Productive

An unmotivated workforce simply isn’t good enough to allow a business to thrive in the ultra-competitive business landscape of today. Sure, work is not designed to be full of joy, it’s supposed to be a challenge. But according to Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Service NYC, creating an environment that’s conducive to encouragement and inspires workers to take joy in their work can be extremely beneficial

Facilitating your employees happy with a work environment that contributes to their mental wellbeing will bring out the best in them. A company culture that promotes happiness will effortlessly create loyal employees that stick with the company. The list of benefits created by having employees that are happy is long. If your company needs a boost in positivity, here are some creative ways to foster some much-needed happiness and productivity.

1. Offer bespoke benefits

It’s fairly common for a benefits package to come alongside a job. However, very rarely are the benefits offered customized to suit the individual. Providing a higher level of core and ancillary benefits, which are tailored to specific needs, is a sure-fire way to show an employee that your care about them as an individual.

2. Keep them entertained

There’s plenty of ways to entertain a group of people. Sure, you could arrange regular corporate events, but get creative with your ideas. For example, hiring a corporate magician to attend a corporate dinner is a great idea. It’ll inject a huge amount of memorable fun into the event. The captivating nature of magic is often very memorable, and it will be a talking point for a long-time after.

3. Strive for a flatter organizational structure

A flatter organizational structure is a great way to give every employee a voice. It involves allowing communication between employees that are at any level. When employees have a voice, they will naturally feel more valued by their company. Furthermore, it’ll empower employees at lower levels to get quicker decisions, reducing the mind-numbing and stressful bureaucratic lag that often exists in more hierarchal firms.

4. Give them company-branded swag

T-shirts, duffel bags, back-packs, laptop cases, hoodies, the list goes on. Giving your staff company-branded items allows them to represent their organization. This can help boost company pride and make them feel a part of something unique. To go to the next level with this idea, create limited edition swag, for example, a jacket that celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the company being founded. Likewise, you can create custom gear to mark company events such as attending conferences or going on trips.

5. Workplace exercise

As part of the legendary Japanese culture of Kaizen (continual improvement involving all business functions and employees), many Japanese workplaces arrange for exercise to take place within work hours. Most notably is Honda, who was an early adopter of this idea. This is because the managers of firms in Japan discovered how a key driving force behind productivity was the physical and mental health of their workers. In America, Google actually requires its staff to get some form of exercise, even if it’s just to go for a walk, to prevent sitting at their desks too long.

If your workplace is suffering from a culture of negativity, it won’t be easy to create one that is fun and happy. However, implementing any (or all) the above ideas could reinvigorate your workplace surprisingly quickly, and give you noticeable productivity gains. And more importantly, creating a culture that promotes happiness will improve the mental wellbeing of all at your company.

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